You can send your application to us a couple of ways


Copy/paste this entire page into an email or Word document, type in your responses, and email the completed form to


Print this form, complete by hand, and mail it to:
Barb Fribourg
390 Maple Avenue
Saratoga Springs, NY 12866

If you have any questions on how to send us your application, please contact us at

Thank you!

Today's Date:
Name of Volunteer:

Home phone number (and when is a good time to reach you):
Fax number if applicable:
Work number if you are able to be reached at work (and hours you can be reached there):
Cell phone number if applicable:
Email address:
How did you hear about New England Border Collie Rescue?


Are there other adults in your household? No___Yes___ (If yes, give their names, ages, occupations, and indicate if each is committed to becoming a foster family:)

Are there children in your household? No___Yes___ (If yes, give their names and ages:)

Will any of your children be responsible for caring for your foster dog? No___Yes___ (If yes, please explain:)

Is anyone in your household allergic to animals? No___Yes___ (If yes, please explain:)

Are there a lot of children in the neighborhood and/or are you frequently visited by children? No___Yes___
(If yes, do any of them have access to your yard/kennel/house when you are not at home? No___Yes___
(If yes, please explain, taking care to indicate how you intend to prevent them from teasing a dog, letting a dog out either intentionally or by accident, or doing any other thing that might be detrimental to the welfare of a foster dog:)


Please give a brief history of your experience with Border Collies:

How many years ave you been involved with dogs?

Have you ever been bitten or attacked by a dog? No___Yes____ (If yes, please explain:)

Are you comfortable approaching dogs that you do not know? Yes___No___ (If no, please explain:)

Are you willing to assume the risks involved with working with animals who are sometimes frightened and in unfamiliar surroundings may become aggressive? Yes___No___ (If no, please explain:)

Please give a brief history of previous dogs you have had in the past:

I have ___dog(s) of my own now (please describe them as to their breed, age, size, and temperament particularly with regard to other dogs:)

Please list three people who are knowledgeable about your care of dogs. Please include your vet as one of them, and two other people in the dog community. List their names, email addresses or phone numbers, what is their relationship to dogs, and what is their relationship to you>


Do you live in a ___rural, ___suburban, or ___urban neighborhood?

Do you ___own or ___rent your property? (If you rent, do you have permission from your landlord to have pets on the property? yes___no___)

Do you have neighbors nearby, or do you share a house with other families? No___Yes___ (If yes, are they aware that you intend to become a foster home, and if so, do they support your decision?)

Are ther any restrictions as to the number of dogs and /or combination of dos and cats that you may have at your residence? No___Yes___I am not aware of any____.

Are you required to obtain a kennel license if you take in dogs in addition to your own? No___Yes___ (If yes, are you willing to obtain such a license? Yes___No___).

How large is your property?

Do you have a fenced yard or outdoor kennel run? No___Yes___ (If yes, what type and how high is it?:)

Do you own a crate or crates? No___Yes___ (If yes, what type and size are they?)

How many foster dogs can you provide for at a time?

Where will rescue dogs be housed? ___In the home with the family or ___in separate kennels

Can you also arrange for foster care in other homes in your neighborhood? Yes___No___


Are you willing to take responsibility for seeing that a dog in your care is spayed or neutered, is up to date on all its shots (including kennel cough), is wormed, is tested for heartworm and put on preventative, and is give all the health care it needs? Yes___No___

Please check the areas of evaluation you are able to provide:
____Temperament for ordinary household
____Suitability for placement in a home with children ten or older
____With children younger than ten, ____toddlers, ____babies
____Suitability for placement in a home with other dogs, ____cats
____Reaction to a variety of experiences
____Suitability for dog sports
____Evaluation of herding instinct
____Other (please explain:)

Please check the level of training you are able to provide:
___Socialization (exposing dogs to other dogs, small animals, children, strangers, a variety of experiences, etc.)
___Housetraining,___crate training, ___walking on a lead
___Basic training (including sit, down, stay, and heel)
___More advanced training (such as for a sport, obedience, herding)

Do you have the experience to handle dogs with severe behavioral problems (such as aggression, fear biting, etc.)? No___Yes___ (If yes, please explain:)


___I can evaluate adoptive homes before placement
___I can do post adoption followups
___I can provide education to the public (demos at dog/herding events, passing out literature, etc.)
___I am a vet (or) ___trainer (or) ___behavior consultant (or) ___groomer (or) ___other professional (please specify)
___I am willing to give free or __discounted services to rescue people
___I am willing to help my local Rescue worker with services at his/her home (for example, dog walking, kennel cleaning, dog sitting, etc., please explain:)
___I am willing to provide transportation of dogs
___I can provide "office" services such as photocopying, mailing, computer services, editing, fielding telephone calls, and so on. (Please explain:)
___Other (please explain:)


___I agree to work with a rescue supervisor and to abide by any decisions made by them (I understand that the rescue supervisor has the ultimate responsibility for this dog and the right to place it as he/she feels is appropriate).

Are you willing to commit to fostering a dog for as long as it takes to place it? Yes___No___ (If no, please explain:)

7. I, ________________________________, AS A FOSTER CARE VOLUNTEER, AGREE TO ABIDE BY NEBCR's CODE OF ETHICS

___I agree to abide by NEBCR's Code of Ethics
___I will treat all Border Collies in my care humanely
___I will never knowingly falsely represent myself or any Border Collie in my care
___I will never sell a Border Collie that comes into my care as a rescue dog, or otherwise profit from Border Collie rescue
___I will not knowingly give any dog to a research facility, pet shop, dog broker, puppy mill, dog breeder for purposes of breeding, to to any other person, firm, corporation or organization that may cause harm either mentally or physically to any dog that has been in my care ___I will never use NEBCR's name in order to sell a dog or puppy of my own
___I will never use a rescue Border Collie for breeding purposes
___No Rescue dog will leave my care that has not been spayed or neutered -or- I have provided in some way for its spaying or neutering, either by written contract with the new owner or some other method.



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