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Quirky? Hey, who you callin' Quirky? I resemble that remark! My real name is Alex thank you very much!

Just because I am fascinated when you wash your hands, and look forward to the droplets landing? Just because I watch that sparkling watch and bracelet on your hands with fascination? Just because I go bonkers over water coming out of the hose or falling out of the jolly ball? Ya' call me quirky?

OK, so if the name fits - but, hey, look at my other wonderful points!

I love people, I love toys, I am totally fine with other dogs, I have also fallen quite in love with my foster mom but she says I can't stay, and I gotta' find my own home.

I will be six years old on July 1. I was herding the little kids in my first home and my next mom just found out she's also going to be having a little one around before too long so everyone thought it may be best if I found a new home with no small children. I am a border collie with all of the usual BC traits and quirks and young children aren't always the best thing for us. Too busy in those homes and it kind of drives us a bit batty!

I do have an eye thing going on, a cataract. I have drops to go in each day. I am a very good boy about this, my foster mom thought it would be hard but I am so used to it she is very comfortable with this. I also have a bit of an overbite which is actually quite endearing I'm told.

Some of my favorite things are frisbees, and other soft stuffy things that you can toss up in the air for me to catch, I'm quite aerodynamic and I always bring it back to you to toss again! I also love playing with water, splash it, spray it, whatever, I'll give my all to grab it and entertain you thoroughly! And, yeah, I like to play with rocks too but my foster family is not playing that game with me, something about me needing my teeth for my old age - fun spoilers!

I am thoroughly house trained and while you can crate me for trips and such I really don't require a crate. I am in a house with several other dogs at the moment and really do enjoy my canine companions. I met the kitty who hangs out upstairs and I sooooo totally respect her. She made this hissy noise at me and I just kept on walking by, looking away, no problems with me ma'am, anything you say madam kitty!

So what do you say? Six isn't old at all in border collie years! I'm fun, I'm lovable, I'm quirky, that's why you want a border collie to begin with right? If you're interested, please e-mail my foster mom. I'll be up to date on everything and microchipped before going to my new home. Alex is being fostered in upstate NY.

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