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Hi, it's me Andy and I've been told that I am one of the "Lucky 7". I'm only 3 so I don't know why I am part of the Lucky 7. Anyway, I've been living in New Hampshire since October. New Hampshire is very snowy. I had never seen snow before, but now I love it. I get zoomies when I go outdoors. I never roam far from my foster family though 'cause if I hear a loud noise, I run right back to the steps to be let in.

Since I have been in New Hampshire, I have taken lots of tests. My foster mom said I had to take them because my heart rate was low. The good news is that all of the tests were negative so the vet says I am ok to go to my new home. I still have kind of a low heart rate, but the vet says it is nothing to worry about.

For the most part, I kind of like to hang out in my crate. When I first came to my foster home, I wouldn't get out of my crate. Lately, I've been spending a little more time out of it though trying to get my foster mom to pet me and rub my belly. It's hard 'cause there are 3 dogs in this household and she only has two hands. I love to have my belly rubbed!!! I get along great with the other dogs. They look just like me-they are black and white. There used to be this little animal called a "cat" in our house, but he is gone now. I liked him - he smelled really good. There is also a 12 year old boy who lives with us. I like him too. There is another little boy who visits pretty frequently. He is 4 and I like him too. I get along with just about everyone except the neighbor's boxer. I don't like him at all and no one can figure out why - but I know why, I'm just not telling!!!

My New Year's resolution was to find my forever family. I would like a family who is home most of the day. Cats and other dogs and older kids are fine by me. In fact I am much more confident around other dogs, and really need to go to a home with another dog that I can lean on when I'm unsure or the world. My foster sister, Lady-the-Horribly-Misnamed, comes with me to my vet appointments, otherwise I won't get out of the car.. Loud noises scare me though so a quieter household would be best. I don't need a fence because I never wander very far from my people. I am a little nervous riding in the car, but I am getting used to it now. Oops, my foster mom wants to say something!! Guess I have to get off the computer....

From Andy's foster mom-

Andy has gone from a shy dog who would not get out of his crate for any reason to a dog who will hang out outside of his crate and who will solicit attention. He still heads for his crate if he is startled by a loud noise and at times this behavior can be almost compulsive.

Due to his low heart rate when he first came in to rescue, Andy has spent a lot of time at the vet's office. He has had blood tests, a urinalysis, 2 EKGs and a heart ultrasound. All have been negative. Since coming in to rescue, his heart rate has increased, so the vet speculates Andy may have had a fecal parasite or may have been malnourished. Andy currently weighs 49 pounds, but he was quite a bit thinner when he first came in to rescue.

We have bathed him at home and he has tolerated that well. He is crated in the house when we cannot supervise him as his housetraining has been inconsistent at times. Andy likes his crate and when he really wants some solitude, he will pull the door shut behind him when he gets in it.

Andy is definitely a dog who likes routine. If we do not get up at the same time every morning, he will bark to get us up!!! Other than that though, he is not much of a barker.

While Andy will continue to be a work in progress, he will reward his forever family with affection and loyalty. I am requiring an approved positive reinforcement-based training class for Andy once he settles in with his forever family so that he will be strongly bonded to his forever family. Harsh and/or correction-based training methods will be seriously detrimental to a dog as shy and sensitive as Andy.

Andy does not walk well on a leash as he is sensitive to traffic noises. He can be walked off leash in a field, however as he does like to be with his people. I have been unable to do much training with Andy because of his sensitivity. However, he doesn't counter surf or jump on people. He takes treats very gently. Andy is a special dog and will require a family with the patience to work with him to build his confidence.

Andy is being fostered in central NH.

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