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From Anna:

Tricks? Did someone say tricks? I like to do tricks. I already know some but I'd love to learn more. They say I am very clever and a quick learner. I don't know about any of that, I just know learning is fun.

From Anna's foster parent:

Anna is right. She is very clever. She is also fun to work with and highly motivated. The problem is that she can't show any of her awesomeness in the presence of other dogs. She becomes very worried if she knows another dog is anywhere around.

We have been working on two things to help Anna become more comfortable with other dogs. She has shown marked progress but still needs a lot of work. It would be helpful if her adopter could continue practice in both.

The first technique is called L.A.T. It is detailed by Leslie McDevitt in her book 'Control Unleashed'. A brief explanantion of the technique and how it works can be found HERE.

The Second Technique is called BAT and was developed by Grisha Steward. She details the basic steps on her website HERE.

Anna loves all people. She especially loves children. However, her desire to chase would make it uncomfortable for them to live with her. Older responsible children would be fine. She would especially love it if they could throw a frisbee for her.

Anna has been taking 'nosework' classes. This has been a wonderful outlet her. Since there is only one dog in the room at a time, she gets to focus on her work without worrying.

If you would enjoy working with an eager, bright Border Collie, Anna might be the dog for you.

Here are a couple of videos of Anna.

'Tricks by Anna'

Anna answers the question 'What does Tebow do?'

PLEASE NOTE: Anna will only be adopted to someone experienced in positive reinforcement training especially in regards to reactive dogs. She has made great progress but it is important that her adopter continue the training to retain and improve upon that progress.

Anna cannot be placed in a home with cats.


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