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Meet our lovely little orphan Annie! Her young life has been filled with hard knocks... spending her puppyhood growing up in a hoarding/puppy mill situation. Along with over 150+ border collies, the sun finally shone as they started the first of many tomorrow's... days filled with kindness, toys, love, and trust.

Annie is truly a speck of a gem. At a whopping 28 pounds, she is a tiny bat-eared, red merle girl aged at about 1.2-2 years. Petite with one gold and one blue eye, she has a super soft coat and is unbelievably adorable. However, what she lacks in size, she makes up for in moxy. Annie is intense. Really, really intense. Every new thing she encounters, she brashly collides with and then realizing it's outside of her comfort zone, proceeds to run away, flip in the air (if on leash, or bark.

Everything has been new to her. To give you a sense of her learning curve in the past month, here are some things she was completely freaked out by before that she is now ok with: taking food out of someone's hand, water touching her, being a crate, watching a dog or cat walk by if she was in a crate, getting a car, riding in a car, responding to a name, being carried or held, eating out of a bowl, going up or down stairs, sitting, putting a toy in her mouth, walking on a leash... these are just a few. As much as Annie is a fast learner, it's easy to see how much more she will have to go.

Annie will do best with an owner that is patient and has owned a herding dog before. She is very fearful of new situations and people. It takes a little bit for her to warm up and socialization will be a long and slow process for her. She is a cuddly little sweetheart with her person. She is fine with most dogs. I have seen her do some mild guarding of resources from other dogs, posturing and giving warning looks. She has also shown signs of guarding her person from other dogs. For this reason, she needs an owner familiar with some of these signs so they can intervene right away. Outside, she herds dogs obsessively. If they go out of line of sight, she howls in frustration. This drive will be aptly channeled into a sport like agility (when tested on sheep she was very timid and showed no interest in herding them... although she did try to herd my dog when my dog was herding...).

She is fine in a crate, love riding in the car, and happily lays down to relax when everyone else is doing the same. The instant anyone moves, she jumps up and frantically runs around them. Have a mentioned she is intense?! Her housetraining is a work in progress. She holds it very well (she held it once for nine hours). If she is upset, then she will pee in her crate. What do I mean by upset? Well, I said that Annie is fine in a crate and that is true. She whimpers a little when I put her in at night or during the day... worlds better than the screaming and howling we started with. But if she hears something in the morning that makes her think people are up and doing stuff, she gets quite upset that she is not involved. This is the time I have found her to pee in her crate. She is not sound sensitive and acclimates to environmental stimuli easily. She is naturally curious and interested in, well, everything!

Annie is currently doing very well on a raw diet. She is in good health, recently spayed, and is heartworm negative.

Annie is a very special girl, looking for her forever home. For the right person, she will be an intensely rewarding dog to have. Energetic, gorgeous, smart. driven, super-fast, social, not aggressive, very eager to please and attach to people. However, her intensity and need for continued socialization cannot be emphasized enough. She can very challenging with the howling, dog-herding, spazzing out about new things, and complete lack of knowledge of how to behave like a little indoor canine companion (today, for example, hopped INTO the dishwasher when I was loading it).

Annie will need to be with a very dog savvy owner. She will need continued training to understand the general world before even thinking about being a dog sport dog. Although she has the drive to do sports, she has a lot to learn first like, oh, walking on wood floors and navigating a crowd without flipping out when she sees a guy wearing a hat.... stuff like that. With that said, she is an absolute sparkle of sweetness and energy.

Annie would probably be ok in a home with open space, fence optional. She will not run away if other dogs are around as she is herding them. However, if there are no other dogs in the home, a fence or staying on a leash outside would be necessary as she will run away from people if frightened.

Annie has been fine with my cat although she has shown some overly-curious behavior. She would probably be ok with cats that move slowly or are comfortable with telling off a dog that is stalking them.

Annie is not a good candidate for a home with children or teenagers. Adults only, please.

Annie is fine with other dogs. She is very particular about how she responds to them. She is absolutely respectful if they tell her to go away. If they are fast-moving, she will herd them. She does grip occasionally and has needed many time-out's for being too intense with this. As soon as the dog stops running, Annie is fine and treats them like a normal dog again. She can be a bit of a bully to dogs that offer her deferent or submissive body language. She definitely seems to follow the credo, give me an inch and I'll take a mile. So far I have not seen any aggression, but she is quick to posture and threaten. She has been very responsive to me redirecting her (but also very sneaky about moving to a different part of the room and trying to behavior again).

Looking for Daddy or Mommy Warbucks for our little spitfire, red-haired Annie!

Check out Annie in action...

Annie is being fostered in western Massachusetts.

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