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Apple is a 4 year old spayed red and white female Border Collie. She is actually a full sibling,one year older to a litter we had in rescue back in 2010, which makes her a full sibling of Kiefer, star of the children's book series "My Dog Kiefer" as well as a niece to the famous Roosevelt the Border Collie who has the front wheel cart - you may have seen his photos on the web!

Apple is ready to become your very own star! She is pretty much a blank slate eager to learn and love with her new family. She *adores* people, and she gets along very well with other dogs! She doesn't engage in direct play with them but she likes to herd them and race them for the toys. She is also fine with cats.

Right now she is currently not fetching toys to you but we think she will easily transition to doing so with one-on-one attention. So far she races to the toy and grabs it, but she doesn't yet bring it back to be thrown again - although if you ignore her she will appear nearby with a toy for you to throw...

Apple *adores* water! We haven't yet had her out where she can swim but she has a great time in the kiddie pool splashing and playing in the water!

She loves to be near her people when you are hanging out around the house or in the yard. However, she is easily able to get out of a 4 foot fence and she appears to have learned a bad habit that when she escapes she will not come back to whomever she escaped from - though she will happily go to pretty much anyone else she sees! This is a very dangerous habit and Apple's adopters will need to work with an approved, positive reinforcement based trainer to teach her a solid, reliable recall even in situations like these.

We prefer a fenced yard, but any fenced yard for Apple must have a 6 foot fence. We are not requiring a fenced yard, but if your yard is not fenced, you need to have a safe and secure plan for how you are going to meet a this active young border collie's exercise requirements.

Apple will thrive in a home that challenges her intelligent mind with training and tricks - she is quite athletic and strong - we think she would likely love dog scootering but we haven't had a chance to try her with it yet. She appears to be fearless and would likely love to play agility or other active dog sport as well. She also could potentially be a good therapy dog candidate with her friendly and happy nature, however, she needs some training before she would be able to contain her enthusiasm with the world enough to excel in that regard.

She has never been around children in her former home or foster home so this is an unknown for her.

Apple came into rescue a bit overweight so she is currently on a diet and at her last weigh in was down to 46 pounds, she needs to lose about another 5 pound so she'll be about a 40ish pound girl when at her ideal weight. She has been eating and thriving on a raw diet while in foster care. We also love when our adopters are willing to continue with a raw diet but it is not a requirement of adoption. We would be happy to help you should you wish to do so, of course!

Here is a video of Apple shortly after she arrived in foster care: http://youtu.be/gO_f30aNWpU

Apple is being fostered in eastern upstate NY.


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