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Archer ~ ADOPTED


My name is Archer. My friends call me Archie sometimes too. I am looking for forever home with my own, human pillow. I would love to hang out on the couch with you and rest my head in your lap.

I am a very good boy. I am not your typical, high drive type Border Collie, although I have plenty of energy for romping and hiking. If you are not moving quickly enough, I may even bounce back to you with my tail in the air and 'woof' at you and say "Let's Go!"

When I first meet you, I am just a little bit shy. I don't run away or hide or anything, but I just kinda sit and wait for you to come pet me. If you call me to you, I will come sit closer to you. If you stop petting me, I will just slide up even closer to you trying to politely give you the hint to that I am still there... you know... in case you want to keep petting me. Everyone that meets me tells me how sweet I am. I have very kind eyes and always try to do the right thing. I love being a good boy and getting treats and pets. I will run right to my crate when told and wait for my treat in there. I will stay quietly in my crate at night or when you leave for the day, but honestly, I probably won't need to be crated after I get used to my new home. If I do something wrong, please don't raise your voice at me. I get so upset and feel so badly for my mistake. My foster mom says I am a 'soft dog'.

I have shown a strong herding instinct, so if you would like to channel that into some sheep herding, I would probably LOVE that! Right now, I don't have any sheep to chase, so I just try to herd my foster brothers and sister. They usually ignore me until I get too intense and sometimes a herding nip on the bum. Wow! They don't like that! I always say, 'Ooops! I am SOOOO Sorry!'

I really am sorry, you know. I do like other dogs and am very polite, but I just get carried away sometimes when that instinct kicks in and I go into herding mode. I have never tried to herd any humans in my foster family, but I definitely like to herd anything that moves suddenly and runs quickly. I am sure I would like to try to herd cats too, although my foster brother told me that would be a very bad idea... something about claws.

To be honest with you, even though I get along with every dog I have met, I really don't care if they are around or not. I am a 'people dog' through and through. I just love being around people. I wouldn't mind being an only dog so I can hog all the attention. It would probably be best if I did not go live with any small, or quick, ball chasing type dogs due to my earlier mentioned annoying herding habit.

What else... oh yes! I am about 4 years old and I am what they called a 'White factored' Border Collie. That just means, instead of being mostly black with white markings, I am mostly white with some black markings. My foster mom says that this makes me a real eye catcher.

I have a thick, soft coat and a gorgeous, plume of a tail that I carry up high over my back when I am happy. I will bark joyfully when happy or excited to see you, but will stop as soon as you tell me, "Quiet Archer".

Like I said, I am a good boy!

Archer is being fostered in Western Massachusetts.

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