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Bailey ~ ADOPTED


Have you ever walked into a store and found yourself greeted by a well behaved dog, and you thought "Wow, I wish I had a dog like that!" Well, being the wonderful example of a mature, well adjusted border collie that she is, Bailey could easily take on that job. Bailey or BaileyBear as we call her, is wise and sweet and fun and easy going too. We just adore her!


Bailey is wonderful meeting new people. She happily wags her tail to say hi to everyone she meets. She is also great meeting other dogs, both on and off leash. She currently lives with two younger dogs and seems to enjoy their company. She may never be a wrestling champion, but she enjoys an occasional game of tug or chase with her doggie foster siblings.

Bailey completely ignores the pet birds in her foster home, but when we tested her on cats, she was very interested in them. She did not show any aggression, and we think she may be fine once she is used to them, but it would initially take consistent management and training.


Bailey has perfect house manners. She doesn't countersurf or bark or use the coffee table as a spring board like many of the youngsters do. After she is exercised, Bailey just likes to hang out with her people (preferably on the couch, with her head in your lap). She is crate trained, but she doesn't really need to be crated because she is completely trustworthy if left alone in the house when no one is home.

Bailey is looking for an active pet home. She likes going for long walks, and she makes a terrific hiking partner. She has a perfect recall and she stays on the trail right ahead of you.

Bailey also loves leaping after toys, but it appears she has had a previous injury that has healed - a partial tear on her cruciate ligament. This type of injury could recur and lead to more damage if she were to engage in leaping after balls and twisting.

But don't think this will turn Bailey into a couch potato! She is a border collie after all, and so she would love a home where she will be kept active by being taken swimming, hiking off-leash and walking.

Bailey is being fostered in Western Massachusetts.

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