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Banjo wants nothing more than to spend all day as close to his people as possible. He loves to cuddle and snuggle and give kisses and follow you into the bathroom. Don't let his age fool you at all though, Banjo is brimming with a ton of energy. He would love to go jogging or hiking or on long walks with you. He has not shown interest in toys or playing fetch, but he is very eager to please and has a very high drive for treats, so he may very much enjoy activities such as manners training, rally-o, or maybe some backyard agility.

Banjo is learning to relax and offer appropriate behaviors to get what he wants, and he is also trying to get used to life not as the center of attention while in his foster home. However, due to lack of socialization with other dogs prior to rescue, he does not know how to get along with the resident dogs and reacts aggressively when he is overstimulated by their movements. Banjo will only be adopted to a home where he will be the only dog because clearly he does need to be the center of attention.

Banjo will require someone savvy and experienced enough with high energy dogs and positive training methods to provide excellent management during times and in environments where other dogs and strangers may be encountered. It is also required that he and his new family find an experienced +R trainer to help work on Banjo's leash manners, impulse control and especially his negative behaviors toward other dogs.

Banjo has a small frame, but is currently overweight at about 40 lbs, so he needs to lose a few pounds to reach an ideal weight. He has a thick rough coat, and an adorable little face with tipped ears and pleading eyes. He can sometimes be fussy in his crate although he is very nicely learning to love his space in there and settles well at appropriate times now. He can get very excitable when he is let out of his crate or thinks he is going outside. Outside he's a bit of a busy body, checking and sniffing things out, chomping on some grass, running back and forth, watching the people he sees, but when you call, he excitedly runs back to you and sits for pets and/or treats. Banjo likes to go on car rides as well, and travels very nicely inside a crate. When he can lie at your feet or be near you in the same room, he is very content and relaxes very well indoors.

Banjo has been introduced to the joy of a raw diet and, although not a requirement of his adoption, he would love his new family to continue this diet with him. If you need more information, you can learn more about it here: http://rawfed.com/myths/feedraw.html or ask Banjo's foster mom.

Banjo is currently being fostered in southern NH.


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