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Bea is an adorable, tiny* little 3 year old border collie with a gorgeous coat and an impish face that foretells of her mischievous nature. She came into rescue extremely overweight but is on a diet and fitness regime in her foster home and we expect the weight to drop quickly.

*(We think she will be about the same size as the grey dog next to her in the photos, who weights 28-30#.)

Please do not be blinded by her cute face! Bea must go to a home who is prepared for a very energetic, keen, intelligent young dog who needs a job. She shows potential for agility, which would be an excellent outlet for her mental and physical energy. Yes, we know she doesn't look the part now, but wait until she drops all that weight!

Typical of border collies, Bea has some quirks. Most notably, Bea hits other dogs and people with her nose. No, really, she pokes really hard! If she wants some attention, or she wants another dog to play with her, poke, poke. The other dogs in her foster home are not quite sure what to make of this bizarre, though harmless, behavior!

Bea shows interest in playing fetch but still needs some encouragement - she will go and get the ball, but isn't quite bringing it back yet - this will come! She is getting better already. She also enjoys running around after other dogs who are fetching. She is good with other dogs, (as long as they don't mind getting poked.)

Bea loves everyone and enjoys meeting new people and getting attention. She is unknown with children and at this point, we would be hesitant to place her with young children due to her nose poking. She is quite affectionate and loves hanging out with her people.

Bea is rather interested in the kitties in her foster home. She finds them quite exciting, especially when they are running and wrestling. Bea should only go to a home with cats if the cats are very savvy about dogs and know not to run from them.

Bea needs additional work on her housetraining. She is fine in the house supervised, but cannot be left uncrated overnight or unattended as she may have an accident. She is crate-trained. Bea is spayed, up-to-date on vaccines, and has tested negative for heartworm disease and tick borne diseases.

Bea needs work on walking nicely on a leash, as well as learning basic behaviors. This is being started in her foster home and should continue in her adoptive home. Attendance at an approved positive reinforcement based training class will be a requirement of her adoption.

Bea is being fostered in upstate NY.

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