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Blaze is a 1 year old male tri-colored, pure bred Border Collie. His coat is medium length and he has (almost) prick ears. He currently weighs about 35 pounds.

Blaze was under-socialized as a puppy and is fearful in new situations. However, his response to being afraid is only barking and posturing. He really just wants to love everybody and everything, but new people are very scary to him, for a few minutes. He will eventually approach new people for pets (very tentatively) or to give them a ball to play fetch, and once he has "met" people, he's a total love!

As long as his new family understands that they will need to SLOWLY introduce him to new people and places, Blaze will reward them by being an awesome dog.

Blaze loves to play fetch, and is excellent with the two other dogs in his foster home. He is very good at taking cues from other dogs, which has helped him to relax quicker in stressful situations. Ideally, he'll have another active dog to play Border Collie games with.

In the house, Blaze loves his crate, dog bed, chair, whatever. He settles very nicely and doesn't make a peep. He will react to people coming into the house suddenly, but in his foster home, he's been excellent with people coming in the house, because he's in his crate when that happens. Crate = sanctuary where nothing bad can happen!

Blaze loves to travel in the car, but because he is scared of people walking near the car and will react, it's best to have him crated. he may still bark at people from a crate, but he settles much quicker.

In terms of training, Blaze has had some very bad experiences with punishment based methods. He has excellent obedience, but isn't always thrilled to "do tricks." This is fairly typical of dogs trained with these methods, as they come to fear doing the "wrong" thing, and therefore are hesitant to do ANYthing. Blaze's body language totally changes when he's asked to do any obedience as a result. He has an excellent recall for such a young dog, and will stop on a dime to "lie down". If he can learn that obedience leads to fun things, he would be an excellent agility candidate. He's got all the physical and mental tools.

Training classes will not be a requirement with him as long as his adoptive family has an understanding of, and experience with positive reinforcement-based training methods. If they do not, an approved class will be required.

As a matter of course, NEBCR does not place dogs into home situations where aversion/punishment-based training methods are the primary training philosophy (including an adherence to "dominance" theory practices). These methods have been proven over and over again to have adverse effects, in some cases are based on incorrect information about how dogs really learn/behave, and are simply not necessary.

Blaze's new family will have the foresight to predict stressful situations and the patience to slowly introduce new things / people to his life. He will not do well in a situation where change is the norm.

If you're an active family that can handle a 1 year old Border Collie's energy (go go go go!) and are looking for a really sweet, smart and fun dog, Blaze may be the dog for you!

Blaze is being fostered in eastern Massachusetts.

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