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Blossom ~ ADOPTED




Blossom came from a situation where there were too many dogs and was relinquished to rescue. She has a gorgeous white fluffy coat and beautiful facial markings.

She has made great progress in her foster home. She has become a friendly and sweet dog at home with the humans and dogs in her foster home.

Blossom enjoys collecting soft toys into piles and then lying on them. She also enjoys climbing! You have to watch her as she can easily go from chair to table in the blink of an eye!

Blossom will also grab things she should not have to chew on such as shoes, slippers, peppermills, etc. She is a puppy just learning about home life in a full sized body so patience is needed as she learns house manners. Outside of her home environment she is nervous and would much rather go back to familiar surroundings. We are working on this in short training sessions with lots of yummy food treats. She is however, at times, too stressed to even take a treat so this will need to be done very carefully in order to not overwhelm her and set her back.


Blossom likes her crate and will often collect all of her toys into her crate. Even with the door open she is often caught napping inside.

Blossom really enjoys the company of the other dogs in her foster home. She will wrestle and chase and play bitey face. She also settles very nicely once playtime is over. It has been a treat to watch this special girl "bloom" in foster care and my hopes are to find her a love-filled home where she can continue to grow. Until then she can remain with her foster home for as long as it takes.

Blossom is healing from her spay surgery and we hope to try some agility with her once recovered. She is up to date on vaccines and HW/TBD negative.

Check out Blossom playing bitey face with her foster brother Mac...


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