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Bonnie's foster mom has begun taking her to classes, and Bonnie is displaying frustration based reactivity. Although she can meet people and dogs in a friendly manner while on leash, if she is not allowed access to greet them, she in essence throws a bit of a temper tantrum, complete with barking, lunging, and grabbing anything she can reach to shake vigorously. Her foster home is working on helping Bonnie work through this frustration in more appropriate ways, however, we know this isn't a quick fix and it will likely be a behavior that her adopters need to be committed to continuing to work with going forward.

Therefore, her adopter will need to be willing to commit to working with Bonnie on this issue with the help of a positive reinforcement regime.

We're hoping this behavior can addressed with re-direction and focus work, but it may take her some time to unlearn this frustration response. Dealing with her full-blown tantrum is not for the faint of heart and needs a very patient and loving approach so as to not intensify her reaction.

Bonnie is a roughly 2.5 years old Honorary Border Collie (AKA an Aussie with a tail) that came into rescue due to having too much energy for her previous owners. She is spayed and up to date on her vaccinations, and negative for heartworm and tick borne diseases, and she is ready for her next adventure! She is a lovely Red tri (red, tan, and white) with a full, beautiful tail!

Bonnie was previously an "only" dog, although she frequently attended doggie daycare and visited dog parks where she always had fun. She is being fostered in a house full of other herding dogs and has adjusted very well, and seems to thrive in the busier environment. She has been great with all of the resident dogs at her foster home, as well as her foster parents, and the 4yo child in the home.

Bonnie is eager to please and knows many basic commands, she loves her toys, is fully house trained and is crate trained.

Bonnie would do great in a home that will provide an outlet for her energy. She needs a "job" to keep her mind busy, as in her previous home she showed some compulsive behaviors. In her foster home where she is busy, none of these traits have been shown. Bonnie has been fine with the 2 small terriers in her foster home, but should not live with cats as she finds them too exciting and they trigger her prey drive. Similarly, she also finds poultry very exciting and if her new home has any, there needs to be a very secure fence in place to keep everyone safe and sound. Although we have not allowed her to interact with them, she is highly interested in the resident ducks.

Bonnie is an absolutely lovely dog with lots of potential. She has a solid foundation on her but she needs to be in a home that challenges her mind. She is very food motivated, and loves to work. She also loves to play with toys. If you are looking for a new partner, consider Bonnie!

Check out Bonnie in action!


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