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Brady is a classic black and white border collie who will be 2 years old in January. Before coming into rescue, he spent much of time tied outside, while young children played about. Because of this, Brady will not be placed with children under that age of 13. Brady gets stimulated very easily, especially during playtime and when coming out of his crate. He can jump 4 feet in the air and sometimes grabs a pant leg. This behavior is being worked on, Brady is responding well.

Brady's days now are filled with fun and love. He sleeps well in his crate at night and while foster family works. He is housebroken, but likes to see what treats you might have left on the counter!

He is very interested in the three cats in his foster home. He current live with both big and small dogs, and gets along well with them. He is easily intimidated by bossy dogs and would do best with softer dogs or as an only dog. He loves the smaller sweet male, since he is mild mannered.

Brady knows sit and down. He pulls when excited on leash, but does well with an ez walk harness. His foster home is working on his recall, but when he is excited, he just can't hear you! Brady rides well in a car, but needs help getting in.

After playtime, Brady will lie on the floor and sleep or chew a bone during TV time. He is even learning some agility and shows promise. He is a quick learner.

A positive based obedience class will be required to help Brady continue the great progress he has made so far.

Brady's ideal family would let him cuddle on the couch, play fetch, and water would be GREAT! Brady loves to swim.


Brady is a young dog who didn't really get the training and attention he need as a pup. Therefore, his new family needs to be patient and help him bond with people. He takes a little while to warm up, but once he does he is a snuggle bunny. Brady needs structure and ATTENTION!

Brady is being fostered in CT.

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