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Breck is a beautiful 1 year old, purebred female Border Collie with prick ears and short rough coat, but don't let her looks blind you. Breck is also a little spitfire who is very high energy - even for a border collie. She's still got some puppy habits in her, which sometimes annoys the grown up dogs in her foster home, but they are teaching her about boundaries and more appropriate behavior.

Breck is equally interested in herding her foster siblings, wrestling with them and playing with her foster parents. She's a smart little girl and won't hesitate to remind you of that fact. She is house trained, and getting refresher courses in basic manners (recall, sit, down, stay, off, etc) and crate-training.

When Breck is bored, she will make up her own games. When she gets bored of that, she'll kindly bring you her leash just in case you want to bring her out. If you ignore that, she'll grab your shoes for you. See where I'm going with this?

Breck has a very strong herding drive and may do well on sheep. She is very curious about the dog savvy cats in her foster home, but is respectful of them.

Breck came into rescue as a result of a divorce, but from a family that gave her plenty of love and attention. She certainly is a love and is absolutely an attention hog! However, she was not exposed to many new people/situations in puppyhood, so can be a shy gal. Her new family needs to understand how to take things SLOWLY with her and allowing her to build her confidence with positive new experiences.

Breck's previous family had two teenage boys and lived well with them. She does have a history of herding little ones, however, so we will not adopt her to a home with young children. She rides well in the car if in a covered crate, but if left loose in the car, she will chase cars passing by.

If you've got what it takes to keep a young Border Collie mentally and physically stimulated, you will end up with a great, fun and athletic-as-heck dog. A training class is required for Breck. She is microchipped and up to date on all shots / preventatives.

Breck is being fostered in CT

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