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Bree has had her surgery
and she can see!

Thank you to everyone
who donated to help Bree.


Bree graduated from obedience school and now knows leave it and sit/down stay along with crate, go pee, down, sit, back up, touch and off. In just 7 short weeks, Bree went from barking at the other dogs and training behind a partial barrier to needing NO barrier and being able to remain calm around 5-6 other barking dogs! This doesn't mean she'll be able to do this in all settings with strange dogs right away. But making such dramatic progress in such a short time gives us hope that with further training Bree will be able to remain calm around other leashed dogs. Bree's foster mom will be thrilled to teach her new owners the simple 'games' to play with Bree to help her continue this success. The training is all positive so it's fun for people and dogs. Bree is becoming more snuggly and loves to give her people kisses. She is a very easy dog to live with because she now listens so well, loves to play by herself or with her person but also can settle in the house. Bree's 3 month post-op check at Tufts revealed that her eyes have healed beautifully and there is no sign of inflammation. Her vision is excellent and she will be finished with her eye drops in January. Bree's new owners will be very lucky to have this sweet, fun little dog.

Bree is a 2 year old tri colored Border collie. Her name comes from Brigit, the Goddess of Health and Healing (traditional spelling Bri, we changed the spelling for readability). We thought this was a fitting name for a 2 year old girl who needed bilateral cataract surgery. When Bree entered rescue in July, she was almost completely blind due to this genetic disease. She was relinquished because this surgery was too costly for her family; in addition they no longer had time for her. New England Border Collie Rescue graciously paid for this expensive surgery and allowed her to recover completely in her foster home. Now SHE CAN SEE and is ready to find her forever home!

Bree is a little spitfire of a dog. She is a uniquely colored, Sable Tri. Tri meaning 3 colors (white, black and a golden brown sable under her black fur and on her legs). She's tiny in stature and only about 30 lbs. Inside the house Bree entertains herself endlessly by throwing toys up in the air for herself, flopping on the couch, and chewing and pouncing on stuffed toys. She's always on-the-go looking for someone to pet her, something to play with or someone to feed her a treat. She eventually does settle and will lay down near her people.

Outside Bree loves to retrieve a ball or Frisbee. She is working on learning to drop it on command. Using 2 balls works wonders! She quite often comes back with the ball and a clump of grass in her mouth and barks at her toys when she can't catch them right away. One of her favorite things is to play in the hose, trying to catch all the water. Silly girl! She is crate trained and rides well in the car.

Bree had both cataracts removed in late July of 2008. Her ophthalmologist implanted a new lens into her right eye and she now has beautiful vision in that eye. Due to a genetic problem with her left eye, they were unable to implant a new lens in that eye. She does have vision in her left eye, but it's not as clear and may have less depth perception than her right. The only manifestation of this possible deficit is that she struggles to catch a Frisbee when thrown from certain angles. The cataracts will not return. She currently takes 2 different drops 2x a day and is very good about them. We expect these to be phased out soon. She will need to wear a harness that does not put pressure on her neck for life (this harness will be provided by NEBCR). She may also need a few follow-up visits to Tufts or another Canine Ophthalmologist in the future.

Bree is eager to learn and will do anything to earn her favorite treats (these include raw veggies!). She learns things well with positive training methods. She is crate trained, knows sit, down, touch, back-up and is working on many more tricks in her weekly obedience class.

Bree is a bit of a party girl, zooming and bouncing her way through life. She didn't have many manners when she entered rescue, but is learning limits and rules. She doesn't always want to give up bones/high-value food items and will guard/send a warning with a growl. Her foster family manages this easily by letting her have special chews inside her crate only. With some training, Bree can learn to be more accepting of giving up special items but she will need a dog-savvy home where this can be managed. She likes children too, but will only be placed with older children due to her bounciness and guarding behavior. Party girls just want to have fun, not always do what they're supposed to do!

Bree was not socialized with dogs or cats and reacts badly by barking/pulling toward them if they are close. She responds to her name/treat but has a hard time complying in close proximity to dogs or cats. Bree's foster family has worked with her on her dog reactivity for the short time she's been in foster care, but this is not fixed by any means and Bree may never learn to be relaxed around other dogs.

She truly loves to meet all people and she whimpers and whines to get closer to them and licks their face. She often gets a little too excited (jumps up, spins around). If new people ask her to sit and pet her gently she can stay calm.

Like many herding dogs, Bree has an intense desire to chase cars. This can be very dangerous for her, so her new family will need a secure fence and to make sure she never is loose within earshot of a road. A home on a quiet street or in a rural setting would be ideal. She loves to go for walks, but is interested in watching intently as cars go by, so it's best that she's walked on very quiet roads or on trails/fields on a long line.

Congrats on making it to the end of her bio! Bree will not be a dog who can go to dog parks, hike off leash or visit with friends' dogs. But she is a sweet, lovable, funny girl who will be a great companion for the right home. Her great qualities far outweigh the not-so-great ones! She needs someone who wants to take the time to understand her and develop a trusting relationship. This person will be repaid daily for their efforts by this great dog!

Her ideal home would be with a family (or individual) that who has some dog experience and will be able to appreciate and be patient with all her 'quirks'. Her family will also need to give Bree lots of attention, exercise and continue the training begun in her foster home. She will need a family dedicated to keeping up with eye drops and follow-up doctor visits, or other modifications that may arise surrounding her vision.

If you think you might be the right home for Bree and have an approved application, please contact her foster family for more information. Bree is being fostered in northwest CT and is up to date on shots.

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