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Buttercup is a beautiful and playful black speckled, spayed, female Border Collie. She is 8 years old.

She loves people, and attention *loves* to play - fetch, tug, and keep away! She is crate trained and house trained and very good in the house.

She doesn't appear to have any bad habits in the house and is quite happy to hang out and sleep on a dog bed while her foster mom works at the computer. When she knows it's time to go outside and run around, though, she will let you know not forget her by barking!

Buttercup is fine with cats, birds, and small animals, and gets along with the other dogs in her foster home. She likes to herd them while they run around outside, always while holding a toy in her mouth! So far in foster care, she doesn't play with the other dogs other than to herd them while they run.

She was turned into rescue because she was nervous around the baby, so she needs a home with kids who are teen-aged and up.

Buttercup came into rescue with a severe skin condition - missing most of her fur from her hind end and belly. This was likely caused from an allergy - possibly to fleas, but could also be environmental allergies or food allergies. She is now so eating a grain free diet, her skin has been treated and is responding well to treatment and her fur is growing back! She should stay on a grain free diet (or ideally, a raw diet) and on regular flea preventative year round as with a flea allergy even one flea can wreak havoc.

Buttercup is fine for grooming, bathing, and nail trims at home. She is very nervous visiting the vet (and according to her former owner, the groomer) and may submissively urinate.

A fenced yard is preferred, but applicants who do not have a fenced yard but do have a plan in place to safely and appropriately meet her needs, will absolutely be considered. She is not a candidate for an invisible fence.

Buttercup really is a nearly perfect girl and so very loving, fun, and beautiful too! She is looking for the perfect family that will indulge her never ending love of play!

She is being fostered in NY state, south of Albany.


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