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Callum ~ ADOPTED





Callum says; Hi There!

My name is Callum or Cal for short. I swear I heard these foster people call me Cow once but they said it was my markings not my weight, hmph. I just wanted to tell you that I love you. It's true. Big humans, little humans and especially if you have a toy. You are my best friend.

I don't mind easy going cats. There is a chinchilla that lives here and some chickens too. I find it best to ignore them. They don't play ball.

I enjoy eating snow, going for walks and running around with other dogs. Playing with a ball or toy is super fun! I like napping in the car a lot, or on the bed or the couch, even a bed on the floor is okay. Mostly, my favorite past time is snuggling on the couch with my people. My foster Mom says that I make the best snoring arm rest ever!

From Callum's Foster Family; Callum is a lovebug!

Sweet as can be and so adaptable. He came to NEBCR with a thyroid condition among other ailments but is doing wonderfully now. He takes an inexpensive, twice a day medication that will need to be continued for life to treat his Thyroid imbalance. He has lost considerable weight and shows daily signs of improvement. He currently weighs 75 pounds. Yes, he is a big Border Collie! It was said that Cal is 8 years old and even though he naps like an eight year old, he plays like he's two.

Cal is extremely intelligent and willing to learn. Right now we are working on taking food gently. He is improving daily but until he has this down pat every time, a home with children 5 years or older would be preferable. Although we know very little about his past, children were certainly a part of it, he's got "the moves". He greets every morning with a wagging tail, a doggy smile and a little song reminding us that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, until dinner.

He gets along with other dogs, male and female, cats and other small animals with the exception of squirrels. Everyone's got a vice right?

Callum is being fostered in New Hampshire.


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