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This lovely older gal is Candy. She lived with one family since she was a young pup, but a change in their life circumstances has led her to needing a new home.

Candy is just the loveliest of companions. She loves to be with her people, go for walks, take a ride (she easily hops up into the truck on her own), and just hang out in the yard with you. She has lovely manners and is very sweet, putting her paws up in your lap very gently when she's looking for some attention.

It's taken Candy a little time to settle into the big change in her life, but she's becoming perkier and more active day by day. Candy's previous owner reported that she loves to play ball, but we haven't seen that yet. It's quite possible that as she continues to adjust to her new home, that will happen in time.

Candy is in good health and in very good shape for a senior dog. She has no issues with grooming or handling.


Candy doesn't have any issues with the resident dog, and the cat in her foster home cozied up to her almost immediately. She doesn't seem to have any interest in the other critters, and ignores chickens.

Like most border collies, Candy is a smart cookie! When she goes into the room where her crate is, she closes the gate behind her. :)

Candy would be a wonderful companion for a family looking for a low-key but still active border collie - one who would love to go for daily walks, but doesn't necessarily need a lot of running and hard play time. A home where she someone was around to hang out with for a good chunk of the day would be ideal.

As Candy has not had any experience with younger children, we would prefer a home for her with kids over 7.

Candy is available under the Seniors for Seniors Program and would be a delightful companion for an active senior human.

Candy is being fostered in New Hampshire.

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