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Casey, CGC ~ UPDATE (Special Needs)



Hi. I'm Casey, and I'm hoping to be adopted to some loving person or people who'll give me the wonderful home I long for.

I'm 5-1/2 years old, a rather largish Border Collie mix, almost 22" at the shoulder and a bit overweight at about 55 pounds. I'm classically marked with a full collar and one stunning blue eye, just to make me stand out in a crowd. I've had a haircut, so my pictures don't really do me justice. I'm actually a rough coated dog and my fur's growing back in quickly. My foster mom says it looks like I'll have curls on my hindquarters.

Generally speaking, I'm a very happy go lucky dog, easy going and well behaved. I came into rescue knowing only two commands, "sit" and "shake," so I enrolled in an obedience class where I learned to lie down, stay, walk on a loose leash and come reliably when I'm called. I think I did very well; I even earned my Canine Good Citizen title! Foster Mom was really proud of me. I'm crate trained -- though I don't really need it -- and reliably house broken. I don't jump up on people and I don't surf the counters for food. . . . I try to be a gentleman at all times.

Since I've been in rescue, I've earned myself several nicknames. Casey Quesadilla, just 'cause it rhymes. And who would've guessed? I'm a crooner! Foster mom calls me Ol' Blue Eye because I greet her each morning and when she comes home with a long drawn out "Woooo woooooooo" to tell me how happy I am to see her!

I'm pretty laid back in the house, a real couch potato much of the time. I love to stretch out on my back with all four feet in the air and my head on your lap, just begging for a belly rub. Sometimes I moan with pleasure and contentment as I cuddle in beside you, and I'll the best bed warmer anyone could ever ask for if you'll let me! I'm really a very easy dog. Foster mom says I'm an uncomplicated fellow, not nearly as high maintenance as most purebred Border Collies my age.
She calls me a Mary Poppins dog because like Mary, I'm "practically perfect in every way."

But alas, every silver lining has its cloud. I'm what they call a special needs dog. Shortly after arriving in rescue, my foster mom noticed that my gait was off and that I seemed to have some stiffness getting up when I'd get up from lying down. It turns out that I have Hip Dysplasia with Degenerative Joint Disease. What this means is that I'll probably need pain medication for the rest of my life and muscle conditioning to keep me as pain free and mobile as possible. It will be important for my adoptive home to be sure that I get the right kind of exercise and help me maintain a good weight. The vets have said that this may be all I need to help me lead a full and happy life, but there is also a possibility that I could need surgery in one or both hips some day down the road.

But even so, I love toys! Stuffed toys, squeaky toys, tug toys, you name it . . . but my favorite is my ball! When the ball comes out, that's when you know I'm part Border Collie! Another of my favorite things to do is to ride in the car! I just jump right in and settle down to watching everything so by out the window.

I meet new people very politely, though I can be just a tad hesitant to greet some men. If nobody pushes me I warm up quickly. For the most part, I'm a very social guy. I adore kids, but I had some issues with a toddler in my former home, so I really don't want to go to a home with young children. Older kids would be OK, though, as long as they're respectful and will throw toys for me!

When it comes to other dogs, I have excellent communication skills. I greet other dogs we meet out on walks or in training class very courteously. In my foster home I sometimes raise my lip and show a few teeth, even give a very low growl every once in a while to ask them to keep their distance, but I've never followed through with anything more serious. I saunter companionably around the yard with them or lie with them near foster mom, but I've never actually played with them. I'm more of a people dog and I don't think I'd need other dogs in my new home to make me happy.

I haven't been around cats much lately, but I did live with one in the past and foster mom was told that I minded my own business. And I met one that belonged to one of her friends, but it just lay on the couch and I wasn't interested at all. There were much more interesting things to smell. So I'd probably be OK living with a cat in my new home.

So do you think you might have a place in your heart and home for a special dog like me? If you do, I promise you won't be sorry. I'll love you, cuddle with you, and be just the best dog ever!

Casey is being fostered in the Southern Tier of upstate New York. He's neutered, microchipped and up to date on his shots. Consideration will be give to adopters willing to accommodate his medical needs.  

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