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Cashmere ~ ADOPTED



This lovely, smooth-coated, Border Collie mix is Cashmere. She came into rescue because her owners were overwhelmed with all that comes with a typical, energetic puppy.

Cashmere didn't come with a lot of bad habits - she just hadn't been taught much of anything. She has been learning manners in her foster home, but still has a ways to go, and her new family should be committed to continuing her training.

She does not currently have a reliable recall, and it's preferred that her new home have a fenced yard where she can safely get the zoomies out on a regular basis.

Cashmere is a bit shy with people (especially men). She sometimes barks at strangers, and needs a bit of time to warm up to them. She may also sometimes submissively urinate in stressful or exciting situations. This isn't unusual (and isn't a housetraining issue), and generally gets better as the dog becomes more mature and confident, if it is just ignored.

Cashmere loooooves children, but is a little too rambunctious - especially for the little ones. She is a typical goofy, bouncy puppy in that respect! She is mouthy, as most puppies are, but not too rough with it. She will need her people to teach her when it is appropriate to use her mouth, and when it is not.


Cashmere has come a looooong way! She is hardly ever mouthy and when she is, she has a very soft mouth. She doesn't try to get up on the dining room table or kitchen counters anymore and doesn't really jump on people except when she's overly excited. She still likes to chew things when left alone for a while.

Cashmere now asks to go outside most of the time, but still has the occasional accident. She is still a VERY energetic young girl, and needs the chance to really get the zoomies out every day. Her off leash recall has gotten good (but will need reinforcement in a new home before she is trustworthy).

She is super sweet and loveable, and will make an active family a wonderful companion. If you're looking for a fun, cuddly, energetic companion, who will continue to grow and learn, please consider Cashmere.

Cashmere is being fostered in Syracuse NY.

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