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Cate came into rescue as a member of the "Terrific Ten" in January 2014 (more info). Cate was extremely scared and shut down when she first came into rescue, not making eye contact with humans or daring to venture out of her crate initially. After 11 months in rescue, Cate has made amazing progress with living in a home, and building a trusting relationship with humans. However, she still has a ways to go. She know seems ready to take that next step and really seems to be looking to connect with someone special. She has just begun accepting food out of human hands and is beginning to realize she can actually get something good when new people are around! She is very observant and likes to place herself where she has a good view of all that is going on around her.

Cate is a sweet, petite, black + white little gal who absolutely loves romping with her canine foster brothers and sisters. She takes the lead from the dogs around her and looks to them for guidance. She is very playful with them - running and playing outdoors. She ignores the resident cat, but really thinks that chickens would be a tasty snack, so is not likely to do well with other small animals.

She is crate-trained and her house training is fairly consistent, but will need a bit of monitoring. Working with a NEBCR *approved* trainer who has experience with fearful dogs will be a requirement for her adopters. Please visit http://www.fearfuldogs.com for more information on living with a fearful dog.

Cate will be placed in a home where there is at least one other dog who can be her role model, and her new family absolutely must have the patience, sensitivity, patience, dedication and patience to help Cate realize that humans can be wonderful companions. She is really waiting for that perfect family where she can shine...could that be you?

Cate is being fostered in eastern, upstate NY.


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