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Chance ~ ADOPTED




Attention all dog sport enthusiasts!
If you are looking for canine athlete with unlimited potential, then take a look at Chance!

He is fast, agile and can jump like he has springs on his feet.

Chance loves nothing more than to be doing something with his people. He will work hard and long for toys, treats or even just for your praise.

Chance has the rare combination of being happy-go-lucky and affectionate mixed with a high working drive. He could become a superstar in any discipline with the right partner.

Chance is about 15 months old and weighs about 39 pounds. He has a well balanced build and is cute as a button! He LOVES people and greets everyone like a long lost friend. He gets 'dancing feet' and his whole body wiggles when he says, 'Hello'.

Chance did not get many life lessons early on as a puppy, so he is experimenting and learning every day. He approaches every new situation and walks into every new place like he expects it to be Disney World! There is not a shy or tentative bone in this little guy's, fluffy body. He is fearless and will try anything you ask. Hop up on and walk across that big fallen log? "Sure! That sounds fun!! Climb up that big, tall ramp? "Heck, yeah! I bet I can see everything from up there!"

Chance is working on tapering his enthusiasm in the house. When he first came into foster care, Chance was checking out and/or into everything! It was like having a toddler in the house! He wanted to see what was on top of, inside of and behind everything. He has made good progress in learning to settle down a bit in the evenings and chew his toys quietly.

Chance, being a superstar in the making, wants to be the center of attention at all times, of course. He would just LOVE to be an only child so he can have 100% of your attention. Chance will also forcefully vie for your attention and does not like to see his people paying too much attention to any other dog. He will try to intervene immediately by barging in and making room for himself.

He does like other dogs and has no problem playing with them outside. He can also, co-exist with other dogs but often times will act like a spoiled child around them. He will run to and snatch a favorite toy before his foster siblings can get to it, pushing them out of the way in the process. It would definitely be good for Chance to be an only dog or go to a home with other dogs that ignore his childish antics. If confronted forcefully by another dog, Chance will try to stand his ground. He has had some quick, noisy squabbles with his sometimes bossy foster sister.

He will also be a bit snotty at the vet's office. Certainly not aggressive in any way, he tough to get to hold still and sometimes gets a bit mouthy when he feels he is losing that battle. Again, as soon as they are done with him, he immediately will solicit pets and sit for treats with a wagging tail for his 'wrestling opponent'.

Chance rides will in the car and walks well on a leash with a harness. He sleeps quietly in his crate all night and will amuse himself with a multitude of toys. He loves to chew, tug and fetch.

His Frisbee catching skills are quite impressive. He has not been tested with cats, but would probably be intrigued by and chase a 'scaredy- cat'.

Chance will only be considered for an active home.

Chance is being fostered in Western Massachusetts.


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