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Charlie ~ ADOPTED


Charlie needs some TLC!

Charlie is a 7 year old neutered male weighing in at about 65 pounds. Charlie came into rescue from an owner that was moving. When he came into rescue, his coat was so matted that his flea collar was just about grown into his skin and he had several areas that were so bad they needed to be shaved. He also had ear infections and a skin infection. With thanks to one of our volunteers who is a groomer, Charlie has been all cleaned up and made handsome again. He's had a full vet checkup and all of his infections have been treated. Unfortunately due to the mats and infection, he lost some of his coat, but it should grow back in time.

Given the condition Charlie came into rescue in, it is thought that Charlie could have a flea and/or food allergy. He is currently on grain free food & treats and flea/tick preventative, and is doing well.

Mealtime, hanging out, kids, cats, other dogs

Car rides, being separated from my people or my pack, ear medicine

Charlie just likes to be with his people or with the other dogs he lives with. He is really mellow and is just happy to hang out at your feet.

Charlie gets stressed riding in the car and may whine a bit at first. He is crate trained, but he is not destructive if left free in the house. Charlie is easy to groom and likes the baths he gets to help with his skin condition. We are looking for someone to adopt Charlie that will be happy to keep up his "spa treatments" to help get him on the road back to being in tiptop shape, proper border collie shape!

Charlie pulls hard on his leash and therefore his foster home is using an easy walk harness with him. Charlie knows basic commands. A fence is not required for Charlie as once he is bonded to you, he shows little interest in going anywhere else.

A training class is required as Charlie knew no commands when he came into rescue and although he has learned a few since coming in, it would be good to have his new home attend a training class with him to also help with the bonding process of a new adoption.

You must have an approved application on file to be considered for any adoptable dog.

Please submit your application BEFORE inquiring about a particular dog.


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