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Charlie ~ ADOPTED

In progress
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Hi -
Charlie here. I'm enjoying the better weather when it isn't raining. I no longer need to wear my t-shirt and as you can see from my pictures, I am a very handsome guy. (I'm the larger, good looking one in the pictures.)

You can see me here playing with my "room mate". She is quite a princess and very competitive. We play very well but I give her the toy every time. She sulks if she doesn't get the toy. Sometimes I keep it away from her for a little while. (I have a bit of a playful streak.) I chase her around the outside of the house when she has the toy. I bark for her to give it up but she refuses, not even when I give her my loudest bark!

I don't have to use a long line anymore if we stay near the house. My foster person can call me and I will respond on the second or third call. No use running to her right away. She will only get spoiled.

I get "spritzed" every night for my dry skin. I don't like it but I get a treat after so I will tolerate it.

I sleep well through the night and try not to get "the person" up during the night. However, if there is something moving around outside, I need to let someone know!

I still do love those cats. They are so very interesting. But, boy, their claws can be sharp. I have found that out on more than one occasion.

I am available for visits to your house if you are looking for a fun-loving kid at heart. Check me out in my photos and see how spry I am!

Your new friend,

My name is Charlie! I am a big handsome boy and would be a great addition to your life!

I was left at a shelter by the only family I have never known. Thankfully, some kind people contacted NEBCR and here I am!

Don't let my age fool you. I love to play fetch. I can play fetch with you as long as you can throw that ball for me, and then some. But, if you don't want to play anymore, I know when to end the game. I will just continue to play alone! I don't tear apart my toys. And I can keep myself occupied.

I enjoy a good stretch on the couch and naps in the sun. Who doesn't?

Walking is good too. I like a walk and seeing what is new in the neighborhood. In my enthusiasm to see the neighborhood, I pull a little but my foster mom and I are working on that. I really want to learn to walk with you. I might have a little arthritis in my hind legs so I understand if you don't want to walk forever. (I am receiving glucosamine-chondroitin tablets for this.) I am be good with kids but would prefer them to be older so that they can understand about my arthritis.

I get along with other dogs. There are two others in my foster home. There are cats in my foster home too and I have to admit they are very interesting and sometimes my foster person says I find them TOO interesting!

I am learning to stay in my crate with the door closed.

I am not a handful like some of those young whipper-snappers but prefer to think that I have a lot of life experience and plenty of energy to share with you.

Did I tell you that I love to travel? I sit quietly in the back seat and look out the windows when something catches my interest. At other time, I'll snooze a little.

I had surgery a couple of weeks ago. So, I wear a fashionable t-shirt to cover my healing incision. It's a fashion statement (and keeps me from scratching at the incision).

I know you would love to meet me! And when I put my head on your lap and look into your eyes, I know you will see what a wonderful companion I can be!

Charlie is being fostered in Central New Hampshire.

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