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Do you like to feel loved and special? At approximately 2-3 years of age, Chevy has already mastered the art of unconditional love. He is a willing giver and receiver of large amounts of affection, and his incredibly sweet disposition wins over the heart of everyone he meets.

Chevy is not only loving, sweet, and handsome; he is also extremely well mannered. He doesn’t jump on people or furniture, he doesn’t beg, and he doesn’t counter-surf. He also knows some basic tricks and has shown typical Border collie intelligence.

Although a basic obedience class may not be critical for Chevy, it would provide reinforcement of the basics as well a great bonding opportunity. He loves food and treats (who doesn’t?) so he will respond readily to training with treat rewards.

Treats or no treats, this boy is a super-sensitive people pleaser. Some of his behavior indicates that he was not always treated with the gentle, kind voice and hands that he must have to feel safe and secure. Loud noises and angry voices are two examples of things that worry Chevy. A peaceful, happy, love-filled home would be best for him.

Chevy has a strong herding instinct and would thrive in an environment where he could put that to work and/or have other physically and mentally stimulating activities. He had a chance to meet some sheep and he was very interested and appropriate.

Chevy is living with two other dogs, but he would also be happy being an only dog. He tolerates other dogs but prefers people, and he will likely be more interested in herding other dogs than playing with them.

As for cats, he’s more interested in their food than them. He hasn’t been around children under the age of ten, so it is unknown whether he would be okay with very young ones running around (a herding opportunity?).

Chevy is very well crate trained but prefers to lounge on a dog bed outside his crate if given the choice. He loves to play with squeaky toys and chew on Nylabones. He has shown signs of separation anxiety so he would probably need to be crated when left home alone.

Chevy rarely barks but does join in a bit when his dog house- mates get going. He walks very well on a leash but is a bit timid when vehicles pass by. Chevy would make a great hiking partner because he enjoys exploring and he has excellent recall skills. He sticks to us like glue, always happily awaiting our next move.

There aren’t many challenges with this wonderful dog other than understanding his high sensitivity level and basic need for exercise and mental stimulation. Are you able to give this dear boy the soft, safe environment he needs and the tender love he craves and deserves?

Chevy is being fostered in central Maine.

Check out Chevy in action below...

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