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This special little lady is Cilla. She is a 4 year old border collie who's been through some hard times lately. Unforeseen trauma in her original family resulted in sudden upheaval in her life, but thankfully a kind neighbor took her in. But Cilla is a dog with some issues, and this neighbor was unable to keep her either. She contacted us about Cilla and we are grateful that she did. Cilla has had a tough time getting over all the upheaval in her life, but she's making slow, steady progress.

It took Cilla a couple of months to really settle into her new surroundings and start to trust the people around her. Just in the last couple of weeks we've seen some major changes in Cilla - for the better! She now seems much more relaxed and calm most of the time, she has clearly bonded to her foster parents, and is even starting to play a bit!

Cilla is a petite girl... or rather she should be! She came into rescue very much overweight, but ideally there should be about 30-35 lbs on her petite frame. She's lost some weight already, but has a little more to go. As you can see in the photos, Cilla has a gorgeous and ample coat. It requires regular grooming to keep it in the beautiful condition it's in now, and that in and of itself is a bit problematic.

You see, Cilla loves "her" people, but she has some issues with being handled even by those she trusts. Grooming is still one of the areas where Cilla isn't very comfortable. Her foster family is working on this by slowly desensitizing her to being gently brushed regularly and so far so good! But this is an ongoing process that her new family must be committed to continuing.

As for those handling issues... Cilla does have some boundaries when it comes to people - particularly those she does not know well. She doesn't like to be reached for without warning, roughly handled, or grabbed at ...but then again who does? She is particularly sensitive to having her back end handled/groomed. Once Cilla is comfortable with her people, she becomes more and more trusting and accepting, but she still needs to be handled with care. This also means that she will need a home where people will respect her space and not expect her to just cozy up to everyone that drops by.

Cilla finds great comfort in her crate, and will retreat to it with the door open when the world gets to be too much for her. It is her safe space, and her new family must agree to provide this for her - even if they never shut the door! Most importantly, her crate must be HER space where no one will bother her and she can always feel safe and secure.

Cilla lives peacefully with a foster sister - an older gal who told Cilla on day one that she was in charge, and Cilla said, "yes, ma'am!" She is not a dog that is looking for a fight, but she isn't a pushover either. She generally ignores other dogs, but is not shy about telling them to back off if they are rude or invade her space.

Cilla is intrigued by cats, small furry critters and chickens, but not in an over-the-top or obsessive way. She has just now started to play with toys and her favorite seems to be rope-type toys that she can shake and toss around. She hasn't been too interested in fetching, but that may come in time.

Cilla's ideal home is one where there is a clear routine that rarely varies, in a quiet environment without a lot of visitors coming and going. Her ideal family is one that will have a lot of patience and give Cilla plenty of time (months even) to just settle in and get comfortable in her new surroundings. They will accept Cilla for the dog she is, warts and all, and not expect her to be a social butterfly. In return, once Cilla accepts you into her "club" she will reward you with kisses and snuggles and her undying devotion. Cilla really is just a girl looking for a soft place to land with people that will adore her and keep her safe.

Because of her particular quirks, Cilla will not be placed with children. Any home that has children visiting frequently must be prepared for the fact that Cilla may need to be kept safely out of the way when children are around. That can be in her crate (which she loves) or just in a quiet part of the house where no one will bother her.

A fenced yard is preferred for Cilla, but may not be required depending on the environment. No invisible fences will be considered because of Cilla's soft nature. A training class is not required, however Cilla's new family must have experience with positive reinforcement-based training methods or be willing to learn. Harsh and/or punishment-based training methods will be disastrous with a dog like Cilla.

Cilla is being fostered in central New Hampshire.

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