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Colin is 4 1/2 year old black and white smooth coated border collie who weighs 42 pounds. Colin is good with other dogs and cats, but he does have herding tendencies which need to be redirected. Sometimes his play with other dogs can be a little rough as well. He loves to play tug and he loves squeaky toys, but he is not all that interested in balls or frisbies. His favorite toy is "the other dog's toy".

Colin is a young border collie and need to be exercised by taking long walks or playing games of tug. Although he is young, he does settle well in the house.

Colin loves to go for rides. He loves to put his front paws in your lap or cuddle with you on the couch and overall is a very loving dog. His recall is excellent, but he does like to hunt voles in the field and will sometimes ignore you when he is on a vole hunt. He does bark at strangers and also when he is really excited and wants to play.

Colin has been placed in two adoptive homes in the last 1 1/2 years so this is his third time with us. Colin has stranger issues and more particularly issues with strange men. If you are willing to work with him, he quickly overcomes his issues, but Colin will not do well in a home which is visited by different people, particularly men, on a recurring basis. Colin is not a dog that you will be able to take to a dog park or kids' sporting events. If you are out with him someplace where he may run into a stranger, he should be on a leash. He likes a set cast of characters and is not particularly fond of men in the 20-35 year age range.

Colin knows "sit", "stay" and "come". His recall is good except when on a vole hunt or if confronted with a scary stranger. Colin learns very quickly.

Colin is being fostered in central NH.

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