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Hello, my name is Cree! I am a 7 year old black and white short haired Border Collie. Quite handsome I might add! At least that is what I am told: Something about my pricked ears and the auburn tint in my black fur!

I came into Rescue due to unfortunate circumstances with my son Tripper, another handsome lad. Taking after the old man, I'm sure.

What else can I say about myself: I'm a very, very good boy! I just love to be with my people, following them around like a puppy. I love resting my head on their laps and being petted. 24-7 would do, thank you!

I am living right now with 5 other Border Collies. It was hard at the beginning, quite overwhelming actually. New home, new friends, but I'm doing a lot better now. There are also two cats living upstairs. They are ok, I guess. They do not play ball, so I don't bother with them.

There are actually other "animals" at this place too. I'm not too crazy about those that are called "sheep, goats, ducks and cattle" I think, so herding is not really my thing.

But- there is always a but! Give me a ball, give me a Frisbee and I'm there! I even went swimming a little bit the other day. don't know why my people have to throw the Frisbee in the lake but there it went, so I went and swam. Not too sure about that yet but I'm willing to try again.

I like going for walks. No problem with the leash but it is tough looking at my people so I keep moving in front of them. Not making much progress forward that way but we manage.

I had to go to the vet, too. Something about a check up and shots. Ouch! Everyone there was so pleased with me. I was such a good boy but I was really happy to go back home! All of us went for a very long ride for the week-end. I cannot say I enjoyed that trip too much but I survived. My foster mom says that I am excellent riding in the car.

Not to brag, but I have good manners too. I know quite a few things already. I sit and down on command. I even sit at the door now to go outside. My foster mom insists that we all do this before going outside. She is so proud of me. She does not have to ask me twice.

I do not counter surf and do not bark excessively. Not like some of my foster brothers around here. I do talk a little when I want something but everyone seems to like that!

In short, if you are looking for a mature Border Collie, handsome, polite, fun and well behaved who wants nothing more than being with you all the time, I'm your man! Ask for Cree!

Cree is being fostered in Maine.


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