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Cricket ~ ADOPTED


Cricket was born in February of 2009. Her mother is a purebred Border Collie. We are thinking she is mixed with terrier. Whatever her mix, she seems to have gotten the best of both breeds. She is agile, quick to learn, and is a people pleaser. She's also a wee bit of a thing at only 22 lbs. She likes to both fetch and tug.

She was turned into the shelter for chasing the farm animals. While at the shelter she was extremely nervous and shy. But once she got into a foster home she blossomed. She still shows some fear reactiveness to new situations. We feel that she was treated well but just didn't get all the experiences a young dog needs to develop normally. Her future family should keep in mind that she will need much positive exposure to many different situations to make up for the isolation of her early months.

In most situations, she shows medium drive. However, she can get overly aroused quite easily. Keeping her within her comfort zone will be important. She stays around her person and calls back easily. However, her prey drive is quite high and if something appeared for her to chase she would be off after it. Although a fence is not required, she must have access to a securely fenced area on a regular basis. Being always on a leash is not an option for this dog that wants and needs to run. An invisible fence is not an option for her.

She is living easily with two dogs in her foster home. However, her initial reaction to new dogs is to try to get them to move away by showing her teeth. The short video below shows her meeting her foster sister outside for the first time. They both showed fear of the one another while in the confines of the house. You can see them being tentative in their initial greeting but loosen up to play chase. At the end of the video Cricket shows a fear reaction to something she heard of saw.

You might want to turn the sound off on your computer if you watch the video. The barking at the end is quite loud. Watch the video here.

Cricket is a work in progress and will be well worth the effort for the lucky person or family that makes her their own. A positive training class will be a condition of her adoption.

Cricket is being fostered in
Rhode Island.

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