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Cruise ~ ADOPTED


What can I say about Cruise except to tell you how incredibly sweet he is!

He loves people and wants to be near. If I were looking for the ideal job for Cruise, it would be as a therapy dog. I believe he would thrive being able to spread his sweet nature around to those who need it. However, there would be obstacles to overcome before that could happen. He is very timid when encountering new experiences and needs lots more confidence building experiences.

Cruise's past is a mystery. We only know that he managed to survive on his own in the woods of NH for quite a while before being captured. He was trapped in a humane trap in rural New Hampshire at the end of October. He had been spotted in the area for about six months but would dart away if anyone spoke or tried to approach. When he was finally caught, he was covered with ticks and tested positive for Lyme and Anaplasmosis. He was treated and now is perfectly healthy. The vets think he is about one or two years old.

Cruise is living with two other dogs. He and the other male ignore each other but he likes to play with the female.

Cruise has no interest in toys. I have no had no success in trying to get him to chase balls or frisbees or even pieces of food. He likes food but it has been difficult to get him comfortable enough to really work for it. He has come a long way but still has a way to go. When Cruise is overwhelmed, he lies down and refuses to move. A more outgoing dog might express his fear by lunging barking and growling.

Cruise tries to protect himself from the unknown by retreating into himself. He has finally gotten to the point where he can be lured a little way with food. Cruise is going to require a very patient adopter.

Cruise has not been introduced to cats. At this time, he is afraid of children but this may improve over time. Because of his past as a stray and tendency to get easily 'spooked' a secure fence will be required. Cruise's new family will also be required to attend a positive reinforcement training class with him.

Cruise is being fostered in Rhode Island.

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