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Curly Sue ~ ADOPTED


Curly Sue is a young, sweet, athletic and striking looking gal. She gets her name not only from the gorgeous, natural waves in her silky soft coat, but from the "whole-body-curling," tail wags that she enthusiastically greets her loved ones with. She will come at you with her hip curled to her ear, trotting sideways in a most endearing fashion.

Sue is comfortable in the house and around other dogs. She has proven to have good house manners and has never had an accident inside. In the past, she had been caught checking out and helping herself to tidbits left on the counter. Curly Sue just didn't seem to understand why that could possibly be a problem."Jeesh! They were just left there and no one seemed to want those cupcakes anyway!" Sue's foster mom has been teaching her to keep her paws and nose (and tongue) off the counters. She seems to have gotten the message. She is a fast learner and really wants to do the right thing.

As a young dog, it is evident that Sue has not been properly socialized and exposed to different people and places. She is still very shy when meeting new people. She has made amazing progress in this area, and with patience and time Curly Sue's foster mom is confident that she will continue to blossom and become more self confident. Currently her reaction to strangers is to bark and retreat if approached. If Sue is ignored by a new person, curiosity eventually gets the best of her and she will approach them on her own terms.

Sue does not seem to be as fearful of children. On the contrary, Sue seems much more trusting of children and is very gentle with them. Although Sue is enjoys kids, she will not be placed with young children only because she is exuberant in her play and would be likely to run right OVER a little one while chasing a toy or playing with a buddy.

Once she has established that a "stranger" is not interested in harassing her, she will approach them cautiously. If this new person doesn't push this first interaction, Sue will soon include them on her 'friends forever' list.

Once she knows and trusts you, she falls head over heels in love! She will sit and sweetly offer her paw to you in exchange for pets. She also loves to cuddle and will gently request " lap time" in the evening. If she is invited up she will lean and roll around on you giving kisses, then settle into full cuddle mode.

When it is time to get up and go do something fun, Sue will beat you to the door! Sue is extremely athletic and built for explosive speed. She is shockingly fast and exceptionally agile! (Did someone say herding or agility???)

Curly Sue has just recently realized the allure of toys. She seems very fond of squeaky toys and is developing a growing affection for the tennis ball. The only game she knew when first coming to rescue was "herd the other dogs." She was quite intense about this and would occasionally feel compelled to get in a good hard nip, in true sheep herding fashion. As you can imagine, this did not endear her to her canine buddies. Now that she has learned to play with toys, she is less focused on trying to keep the other dogs in line. Sue has learned to love and understand the game of group fetch! She still needs to be monitored and reminded, when running and chasing with other dogs so she doesn't revert back to her old ways.

Sue has not been tested with cats. Sue's foster mom is sure that she would obsess over and harass a cat that would run away and hide in self defense. It is, however, foreseeable that Sue could learn to respect and give space to a kitty that would stand up for itself when Sue got pushy or annoying. This is an area that would have to be explored and approached carefully.

This is much the same with other dogs. Curly Sue runs, plays well and shares toys with many other doggy friends. She respects their reprimands and will not push her luck beyond a warning grumble. Sue does however continuously try to herd and control space around a dog that is laid back or too timid to stand up for itself. She sincerely feels that it is her job to watch that dog and make sure that he or she stays put. With this being said, Curly Sue would be a wonderful, playful sister for a confident canine sibling. She will probably even do well with an alpha dog as she is the BF of her pushy, bossy, foster sister.

Due to unfortunate circumstances and through no fault of her own, Curly Sue has been moved around quite a bit in her young life. Her foster mom wants to be absolutely sure that her next home is her last and her best home. Much of Sue's insecurity stems from this constant change in her life. Curly Sue is waiting patiently for her real family come get her and bring her home forever.

If you just read this and realized that you are the one Sue is waiting for, please fill out an adoption application for this sweet girl.

Curly Sue is being fostered in western Massachusetts.

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