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Halcyon aka "Cy" ~ Special Needs (deaf/seizures)


Check out Cy's blog at http://canyouhearmehalcyon.blogspot.com/

Cy has had an eventful 2010 so far! In the past several weeks, Cy has had 2 seizures. We have had him tested for everything the vet could think of and all tests have come back negative.

We are keeping a close eye on him, but as of now the vet is not recommending any medications for Cy. Since his history is unknown, it's impossible to say if this is a new or chronic condition.

Cy continues to be nonplussed by this and charms everyone he meets with his easy-going, loving manner. It will be important for his forever family to be sensitive to the possibility that seizures could be an ongoing condition with him, possibly requiring regular medication.

It hasn't been the easiest few months with the multiple trips to the vet and all the testing, but Cy is just amazing with how sweet and gentle he is. He even let the vet technician's take x-rays of his chest without needing any sedation or restraint. He just laid on the table, thumping his tail and waiting for some cuddles. He is truly an amazing guy and will be a wonderful companion for someone!

Cy has now reached a good weight (he was quite thin in the original photos shown) and his housetraining has gone really well! He's also crate trained and is picking up some basic obedience. Cy is just a lovely, smart boy that's looking for someone to appreciate his good looks, and happy-go-lucky, sweet dispostion. :)

This beautiful dog is named Halcyon. We call him 'Cy' for short. Halcyon is an awful fancy name that really just means things like serenity and peace and good times. Cy is looking for a forever home that will, first and foremost, give him a more fitting name. ;)

Although the name for this 4 y.o. border collie is lovely, it doesn't really fit his characteristics. This guy is exuberant! Excited! Animated! Loving life! Cy is the eternal puppy.

A lanky 4 year old with freckles and the softest coat ever, he is a sparkling presence with everyone.

He loves dogs.
He loves people.
He loves the indoors.
He loves the outdoors.
He loves eating.
He loves peeing.

As a matter of fact, when he first came into foster care, he liked to pee on everything. He was the Mighty Marker. But with the help of a belly band and good supervision, he stopped marking indoors under supervision almost instantly. He is ever so eager to please. He is very good about housetraining but will continue to need supervision, and a belly band will make this quite simple.

About eating...
Well, Cy came into foster care very thin and continues to need extra calories. He obviously knows this because he is quite eager to participate in the mission of helping him to gain weight. He will hop on to a countertop, stick his nose into the bottom of the trash barrel and about anything else that would lead him to food (or a crumb, as is sometimes the case). He thinks he is very savvy and does this when people aren't looking. Under supervision, he is the very picture of good behavior. So, hey, keep the counters clean and that solves that issue, right? Well, one time he did climb into the kitchen sink to get some bones that were thawing out so, really, don't underestimate his James Bond abilities for acquiring food.

Let's see, what else is important to know about sweet Cy? Outside, his favorite activity is to chase other dogs and pretend like he is a master sheep herder (and we're pretty sure he's never seen sheep). He really is rather silly and cute in this endeavor, although it could be annoying to other dogs. In foster care, his two companions could care less and even like to play with him and his exciting chasing behavior.

Likewise, we have mixed reviews about his behavior with cats. Any cats he lives with should be quite confidant and assertive, the type of cat to say 'knock it OFF' with a swat of the paw. A cat that runs from him will only be proving that cats are cute little toys to chase!

Cy is fine in a crate although he will tell you he doesn't like it if he is crated and you are there. But give him a bone to chew on or something fun to do and he won't even notice you're not there. At night, he can sleep in a crate or just loose in the room. He is well-behaved (remember, he's got that belly band on!) and only gets antsy when he thinks it's time to get up and the people want to sleep a bit longer. However, he is happy to stick his wet nose in your face and cuddle for a while if you like that sort of thing.

When Cy gets nervous or restless, he will circle or pace. He needs a home that is able to offer him some calming and supportive measures in this area. He is easily redirected with activities (there is definitely a theme with this!) and loves massage and just to snuggle with you if he's anxious.

Cy is in good health except for needing to gain some weight, although he has very worn teeth. This doesn't affect a lot of things, but can be startling to see. He needs to refrain from chewing on things that could cause further damage. His forever home will need to enforce this, as Cy is only 4 and needs to get a LOT more years out of those teeth!

Cy is fine with handling. OK, actually he is great with handling. He is an absolute love with any sort of touch - including bathing, brushing, and annoying things like picking burrs out of his fur or pulling a tick off his ear. He hasn't expressed any interest in things like chasing cars or any sort of aggression - at all!

He is a bit wild and loopy and needs work with training if you hope to have a dog that doesn't demonstrate his James Bond abilities at every opportunity. Although, that's not so important for some people. If you are looking for a dog that is the absolute definition of happiness and love, then this is your boy. Maybe his name should be Snugglebunny? Seriously, we need to find a forever home that can give him the name that suits him because clearly foster care has failed in this ambition. Luckily he doesn't care.

Doesn't care?
It's true. Cy absolutely has no preference for what you call him. Or when you call him. Or how loudly you call him. Cy is deaf! Well, maybe deaf or perhaps just very hard of hearing.

So, what does it mean to have a deaf dog?
Nothing too different than having a regular ol' hearing dog. With a deaf dog you need to make sure that he is always safely contained. If he was not safely contained it would be very impossible to call him to you. In foster care, he is kept on a leash at all times (except bedtime). He can play in a hard-fenced yard and is very good...but will start to dig if he gets bored and there's no one to play with. In the house, you use hand-signals for commands instead of verbal commands.

There are lovely things about a deaf border collie. For example, when he goes to sleep, he is out! You can get up and do whatever you like and he doesn't twitch or even consider the idea of getting up and following you around.

On the other hand, there are things that his forever home needs to be sensitive to. When you go out of his sight, he is left not having any idea what is going on. He needs some extra care to make sure he is not anxious or worried in his silent world. This is simple, like making sure he has a yummy chewy to occupy him or just ensuring that he has the ability to follow you around.

Cy deserves a loving home that will respect his abilities (James Bond and being adorable and adoring) as well as the fact that he is deaf. He needs a hard fence so there's no chance of him getting loose (no invisible/electric fences please). He would be fine with children as long as they are supervised enough so that they can't startle him when he is sleeping. Being deaf, it can be quite scary to be woken up in an abrupt manner. He should be fine with assertive cats.

Cy loves people and other animals, he would be fine with a home that is active or on the mellow side. He is very accommodating Although, of course, he is a border collie and he definitely needs a lot of exercise. Exercise helps him with not to pace or be anxious. Daily hikes on-leash, romps in a fenced in yard, or other forms of active, active play would be good for him. Training is always good for border collies and Cy is no exception here. He is currently living like a crazy happy puppy in a 4 year old body.

Cy has spent his young years tied outside in a situation where there was no time or love for him. Now it's time for the party to start and he's bringing the fun! If you have the safety and the savvy and the room in your heart, then it's a true match!

Cy is being fostered in western Mass.

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