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Cymbal ~ ADOPTED



Cymbal may be a purebred Border Collie, but he was definitely crossed with freight-train, fish, lap dog and silly puppy.

Cymbal has some serious requirements for his forever home.

Requirement #1: An abundance of thrown toys. Preferably jolly ball or frisbee, but anything will do. And the time-frame for air-born toys should be as close to all day long as possible. Keep yourself, all small children, and other dogs out of the way because he has a tendency to plow through anything between him and HIS toy.

Requirement #2:
A pool, pond, lake, stream, river, ocean, some such body of water. Cymbal has learned that swimming is fantastic and he has even figured out how to launch himself off a dock. Cymbal loves water so much that he will even lie in the backyard doggie pool when there is no water in it. When there is water, he makes sure to bring a toy with him while he cools off. He doesn't like to be bored.

Requirement #3: A lap. It doesn't matter the size, he will squeeze himself onto it while you watch tv. He is a big time snuggler, and will choose positions to snooze that may make you wonder if he is also part Gumby.

Requirement #4: LOTS of food/treats/snacks/leftovers/plates to lick clean/anything edible. Cymbal has a weight issue, but the issue is putting on weight and keeping it there. Cymbal's foster mom is convinced that he burns energy faster than he can eat more calories. Sometimes he is burning energy WHILE he's eating. Cymbal loves the raw food diet his foster mom has him on, but he does eat roughly a whole cow (kidding, sort of) per day. He currently weighs about 50 pounds, but could probably have a few more on his svelte and tall frame.

Requirement #5: Activities, Activities, ACTIVITIES! Cymbal is a crazy freight-train running, energy burning, dock leaping, mountain climbing, lake swimming, bug chasing, treat eating, puzzle toy emptying, bottomless pit of "LET'S DO SOMETHING!" He needs a forever family that will bring him everywhere and who won't leave him home alone much if ever. (thankfully he travels amazingly well crated in the car)

Cymbal has proven to be an excellent fetcher, has picked up on most of the house rules (like no counter surfing and waiting for the ok to race out the door to play) while with his foster family, and he is incredibly trainable and focused. He will no doubt excel at any dog sport, activity, and training he'll be exposed to. Not to mention he has legs for miles, runs like a cheetah, but he sort of leaps like an awkward jackalope.

He gets along very well with dogs of all sizes, but it is not apparent that he would have any interest in playing with other dogs. He is very focused on playing fetch with his person and does not interact much with other dogs he currently lives with in his foster home. He can be grumbly at strange dogs around his toys, and may bark at a new dogs or strange dog at a distance or while he's on leash, but nothing that isn't typical excitable behavior from a young energetic dog in need of some good socialization.

Check out Cymbal in action...

As mentioned, Cymbal is currently enjoying and loving the raw diet. His skin and coat have been improving dramatically since starting on this diet plus fish oil supplements. You can check out this website http://rawfed.com/myths/feedraw.html for more information about the raw diet, or ask Cymbal's foster mom any questions.

Cymbal is healthy, up to date on all his required vaccines, microchipped,
and he was recently neutered.

He is currently being fostered in southern NH.

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