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DaisyKate ~ New Video


Check out video of sweet DaisyKate in action here...


Sweet "DaisyKate" was an unclaimed stray who found her way to rescue thanks to some very caring people who took her in. She is a gorgeous tri-color border collie, weighing about 40-45 pounds. The vet estimates her age to be about 7.5 years or so.

DaisyKate is a very sweet and gentle girl, who really enjoys spending time with her people. She's very cute and carries on with little whines and cries when you return home after being away, she is just sooo excited you came back She also gets very excited to see children. She knows how to shake hands and/or give you a high five, as well.

She does ok with other dogs, she doesn't really appreciate the company of pushy female dogs although she tolerates them. She seems ok with males and easy going females. She would probably love to be an only dog with all the attention to herself.

DaisyKate could live with gentle dogs, but we don't want to place her with too boisterous a crew as she does have some spondylosis in her spine. This is not unusual in a dog of her age and currently she does not seem affected by it, however, her new family should continue to monitor her as if the condition becomes painful a daily pain medication would need to be considered.

While her history is unknown, it does appear she may have been mistreated in a previous home. She definitely reacts by ducking, or throwing herself down to the floor, if she thinks you are reaching toward her too quickly. She is nervous about being pet, about having her collar grabbed, and about having her leash put on.

DaisyKate doesn't react in an aggressive way at all, she just tries to evade and escape in these situations when she is nervous. This extends to situations outdoors when she is being called, normally she simply wants to be with you and follow you everywhere but if you are trying to specifically call her she will get spooked and often go in the opposite direction, clearly nervous about what is going on.

We are working with her in her foster home and her adoptive family will need to be sure to continue to work with her, to show her there is no threat of harm and help her put the past behind her. This won't be hard to do as she is a true joy to spend time with and she really does love attention, she just gets nervous sometimes. Because of her tendency to spook, a home with a fenced yard is preferred.

DaisyKate hasn't shown any interest in toys or playing with other dogs at this point, although, his may change as she settles in with her new family. For now, she is mostly just enjoying hanging out with her foster family. She is house trained and will be spayed and up-to-date on vaccines prior to adoption.

Her new family should plan on attending an approved positive reinforcement based training class so they can get off to a good start with her.

DaisyKate is being fostered in upstate NY, near the border of Southern VT.

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