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Daisy Mae ~ ADOPTED



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Daisy Mae is a versatile dog and could turn her paw to either herding or agility. There's a good chance she would be good at most any dog sport with her energy and being eager to please. You'll find her willing and obedient, really likes to latch onto one person for her comfort but is friendly with everyone seeking attention. She can be shy at first of new surroundings but shown there is no danger she relaxes. Daisy is a very trainable dog and looks forward to interaction with her person.

With her energy she's always ready to run on a trail or race across a field, yet she does have an off switch. Daisy is good with other dogs, cats and farm animals but gets a little over excited at times with very small dogs, wanting to herd them, as with cats but is very easily called off. This and her energy level is why she would do best only with older children. She would have no problem being an only dog but does well with others as long as they are tolerant of her herding tendencies.

Like any good Border Collie she has a couple of issues, the first being noise phobic. In general she is fine, it's the thunder showers and gun shots that send her to a hiding spot and shuts her completely down. This issue is why Daisy came into rescue as her former owners live near a firing range. Daisy's second issue is she suffers from a mild case of shadowing. I say mild because she can be easily redirected with a toy or game.

She enjoys toys, tug games and the water. In fact she enjoys squeaky toys a little to much, removing squeakers is a must! To be happy she will need daily exercise and has a good recall. If placed in a home well off the road with some acreage a fence will not be required. I think Daisy and her new family would benefit and bond by taking a training class together. which is why it is a requirement of her adoption. She has had an introduction to agility and showed great promise.

To sum this up Daisy Mae is a great all-around dog, very much a Border Collie in all ways looking for the right family to give her a happily ever after.

Daisy Mae is being fostered in southern Maine.


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