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Darby is a beautiful, sweet young female Australian Shepherd with a tail, possibly with some Border Collie in her as well. She will be a year old in February, but has had a very rough start in life. Born at an isolated home in the woods, she lived there with her parents and brother and met very few, if any, new people. One day, her owner apparently needed to go away for the day, and left the 4 dogs tied to trees with their muzzles duct taped shut! Darby's mother escaped and found help, resulting in the pups eventually making their way to shelters.

Then, poor Darby was unfortunately struck by a car when she slipped her collar during a walk, resulting in a collapsed lung and internal bleeding. Fortunately, she has healed up completely and shows no lasting effects from her ordeal. From the shelter Darby made her way to NEBCR.

Due to a lack of proper socialization when she was younger, Darby is shy. However, she has made great strides in foster care and we expect this to continue. On a recent visit by a new person she was quickly taking treats and allowing pets. It takes her a couple of days to completely trust someone new, but once she does she becomes a little shadow, wanting to be right with you, go wherever you go and hang out as close as possible.

Outdoors, she enjoys chasing after the other dogs in her foster home, and occasionally chasing after a toy, though she hasn't learned to bring them back yet. She will on occasion pick one up and carry it a few steps so far before dropping it, and recently engaged in some pouncing and chasing behavior with a squeaky toy! We are hoping full out fetching and play will come soon.

Indoors, she loves hanging out right with her person, snuggled up close and relaxing until the next trip outdoors to play.

She is a bit nervous as first meeting new dogs but quickly becomes comfortable. She is great with cats, completely ignoring them, unconcerned about them lying next to her, or running about playing in the house.

Darby is a bit of a talker, outdoors she will bark with excitement during play. Indoors, she is quiet, although she whines a bit when she's excited or needing a little extra attention, or when her foster siblings are getting attention and she wants to be, as well!

Darby is crate trained, and is learning some basic behaviors, but is mostly working on feeling brave and comfortable in new situations. She's been on a couple of field trips to pet supply stores and has done great each time, accepting treats from the employees. We always plan her socialization times with at least one of her foster siblings as she definitely gains confidence from being around the other dogs. For this reason we would prefer to place her in a home with other dogs, ideally, ones that are young enough to run and play with her.

Her adopter will need to be patient working with her to continue to raise her confidence. She is very lovable, sweet and endearing, and certainly makes working with her rewarding and fun. She's going to make a lovely addition to the right household.

It is unknown how she is with children however due to her shyness we would probably not recommend her to a home with kids unless they were very dog savvy.

A fenced yard is preferred, but depending in the applicant's situation may not be required if we can be assured her adopter's are able to meet her exercise requirements, while ensuring her safety. Due to her sensitive nature she is not a candidate for an invisible fence.

Darby is being fed a raw diet in her foster home. We would love it if her adopter was interested in continuing her on this diet, to maximize her health and longevity. For information on feeding a raw diet, visit: http://rawlearning.com/rawfaq.html

Completing an approved positive reinforcement based training class will be a requirement of her adoption.

Darby is being fostered in NY state, on the border of southern VT.

You must have an approved application on file to be considered for any adoptable dog.

Please submit your application BEFORE inquiring about a particular dog.


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