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Desi's skin condition is completely cleared up! He no longer needs weekly baths and all of his hair has grown back.

Desi is getting more and more comfortable outside. He goes outside all by himself and is beginning to ask to go out and hang out in the yard. While in the yard he explores everything out there and is getting curious about what is happening in the neighborhood.

Desi has special needs and will need a special family to adopt him. Desi had a very tough life before he came into rescue. Desi will need special care for his skin condition, and he will need to be on Revolution for the rest of his life as his heartworm and flea control. Desi will also need a very patient home that will give him time to trust new people and his new surroundings.

Desi was rescued from a puppy mill/hoarding situation on April 17th 2011. When Desi first arrived into rescue he had 85% hair loss and was covered in sores and scabs. After seeing a vet it was discovered he had a yeast infection on his whole body. Desi had been receiving 2-3 baths a week to help clear up his skin issue. He has been so good about letting his foster Mom bathe him and scrub his medicated shampoo into his skin. He never complains.

This is what Desi looked like when he first arrived:

This is what Desi looks like now!

Here at his foster home we call him Desi, I told him the Desirable part will come when his forever family comes along. His foster family has had the chance to watch this very sick and scared boy learn that people are not so bad and that the world is not that scary.

Desi can be an only dog or live with another dog. He is now living with 6 other dogs and 3 cats. Desi will chase the cats be he has never hurt any of them; he finds it really fun to play chase. Desi doesn't play with other dogs, but he lives peacefully in the same house. If you think you and your family are the right choice for Desi please continue reading all about him.

Since coming into rescue Desi has had a lot of firsts in his life. He is still afraid of meeting new people, but he gets braver every time someone new comes to visit. His forever family will need to understand that they will not see how silly and goofy he is when he first meets them, and maybe not for quite some time. His new family will need to be very patient with him and let him come to them when he is ready.

He is learning to walk on a leash and has made it down the street several houses before needing to head back home. He gets little more curious each time he goes out. He is learning to play with toys; his favorites are soft toys that can be ripped apart.

When Desi is truly content,
his tongue sticks out. :)

Desi likes to hang out in his crate with the door open. He has learned that dog beds are great for napping on and bones are great for chewing on. Even thought this is Desi's first home, he has never marked in the house or destroyed anything.

Desi is turning into a bit of a nudge, he can't get enough pets from his foster family and will stick his nose under your arm and give it a little poke to let you know he wants more.

Desi sleeps in his crate at night and never makes a peep. In the morning he now gets so excited to see people he does a little dance and will jump around the room when he is let out.

Are you the special, patient family that this very special dog needs?

Desi is being fostered in Connecticut.


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