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Dexter ~ ADOPTED




Darling Dexter is a 5-year-old male ready for his forever home.

Dexter loves chasing balls of all types and enjoys lots of play outside. He will even toss a ball around to himself if no one throws it for him. He likes squeaky toys and has not destroyed any toys here. He enjoys tug games as well.

Dexter is a great watchdog – he will bark when someone pulls into the driveway or knocks on the door, but he greets all people with friendliness.

This well-mannered boy sits to be leashed to go outside and is not a big puller when taken for a walk. He takes treats gently, doesn’t beg and doesn’t counter surf. He even behaves well at both the groomer and the vet’s and makes friends with everyone he meets. He has very good recall in our fenced-in yard.

Dexter has only two special considerations: separation anxiety and a strong herding instinct. Dexter was relinquished due to nipping and herding the young children he lived with. He never broke the skin but if given the opportunity he will chase and probably nip joggers, bikers, playing children, and other dogs who are running, or showing excitement or playing. Dexter would do best as the only dog in the home or with another dog if the dog is very inactive. He has been friendly to our cat but our cat hasn’t run away from him, and I wouldn’t guarantee that he wouldn’t possibly chase/nip a running cat as well.

Dexter will likely need to be crated when left home alone. He has shown destructive behavior when left alone loose in the home. He crates well and often chooses to go in his crate on his own. He does prefer to be close to, or in sight of his people whenever possible.

Although Dexter gets excited about car rides, he paces and drools while in transit. Other observations about him are that he will cower easily, doesn’t like raised voices and is a sensitive boy who had reportedly been abused by his first owner. Dexter had an overall good health check at his recent vet appointment, but he did test positive for Lyme disease. Dexter is not showing any symptoms but dogs will test positive whenever exposed to Lyme disease. He is currently on a precautionary 30-day course of antibiotics and takes his pills well when offered in a piece of cheese. :)

Dexter has 100 wonderful qualities including being affectionate, cuddly, gentle, playful, friendly to people and animals, and willing to please.

This boy is super handsome as well as super loving and will make a wonderful companion for some lucky person or family.

Dexter is being fostered in central Maine.


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