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Dice not quite 2 shows so much potential. She has completed an introduction to agility course, loves disc, loves to use her nose and can’t get enough training. In fact Dice has confidence in everything she does. She responds well to R+ training offering a multitude of behaviors to capture.

Dice is a very happy dog with the forever wagging tail. She also is playful; whether it be romping around with a toy in her mouth or lying on her back holding a toy above her head with her paws as she wiggles back and forth on the floor. She will certainly put a smile on your face with her antics. Dice would also love to have a wrestling buddy. Play sessions can get quite intense with her loud play growl and rough style of play but it’s all in fun.

Dice enjoys playing frisbee, ball, going for car rides, walks on trials and just hanging out with her person. Playing a good game of tug is high on her list as well. She is crate trained, not a counter surfer and hasn't chewed anything inappropriate when left home alone. She is fairly high energy but does settle well in the house.

Now we all know nobody is perfect and Dice is not an exception here. She has three challenges we have been working hard to overcome, cats, cars and kids. She has an intense prey drive which translates to a hard fenced yard, an adult only home and a home without cats. Due to these challenges she will only be placed in a home with BC experience. Sometimes it takes her a few minutes to warm up to a stranger but that wiggle of hers just has to come out and shortly takes over.

Dice gets along well with other dogs but may not do well with another dominant female. She currently lives with three BCs and enjoys playing with a visiting lab. She seldom barks but makes it clear when it’s time to go potty by going to the door and will whine if no one responds right away.

Check out Dice in action...

This girl is a diamond in the rough and will no doubt need some managing at times. But she will love you with her whole heart in return.

So if your looking for an alert, bright eyed girl that greets each day with great enthusiasm to share your life with, check out Dice.

Dice is currently being fostered in Maine.

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