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Didge is a larger Border Collie (50+ lbs) with a medium drive. He is on the heavy side and although he has been very active since he has come to us, he still needs to work on his weight loss. He has been vet-checked and is completely healthy.

Didge loves to play fetch and will bring it right back to you. He is very intelligent and learns things very quickly. He's eager to please. He knows down, sit, off, stay, drop, come and crate.

Didge does fine with other dogs and cats.

Didge prefers to be with his people (even over other dogs), and will bark/whine some when you leave him, but settles after a short while. He has a history of being destructive when left alone loose, so we've found that the safest, most comfortable place for him when his people can't be there is in his crate.

Didge has had practice chasing cars, and has a VERY strong car chasing drive. Didge will actually carry on and try to chase any car he can see OR hear. It's important that his new family has a safe place for Didge to play outside - out of the view/earshot of cars.

The good news is that he can be pretty easily distracted from cars or whatever else is going on and redirected to play. However a hard-fenced yard (not an invisible/electric fence) is required as a condition of Didge's adoption.

Didge's favorite activities are snuggling with his people, playing fetch and playing tug of war with his foster siblings. He loves to run after a ball or just run around in the back yard with his foster siblings. Didge would be fine as a solo dog or as a buddy for another playful dog.

Didge is completely house trained and loves to run out in the back yard and chase the squirrels. He will look up in the trees and bark at them. He enjoys being petted and will sit down and place his head against you to ask, but is never demanding.

He's a very snuggly guy who has excellent recall and just wants to be someone's loving companion. Didge will make an excellent, loyal friend.

A basic obedience class will be a requirement of his adoption.

Didge is being fostered in CT.

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