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Is Digby the right dog for you?

Digby is a 2-3 year old purebred border collie - the results of an "oops" litter between 2 other intact border collies in his former home. He is a beautiful boy, mostly white with some ticking. His one unique feature is his shorter-than-normal tail. It's reported that he may have had his tail squished or bitten on when a very young pup, which caused it to stop growing. Otherwise Digby is a just normal young, handsome border collie.

Digby is a diamond in the ruff. He didn't get a chance to experience much of the big, wide world in his original home. While he lived with 3 other dogs, cats and some kids, Digby wasn't exposed to much outside of his immediate family/home and as a result is very unsure of new people and places. He still has work to do but each day he gets braver! When Digby first came into rescue he was very scared. Digby had to be carried from my car to my house because he did not even know how to walk on a leash.

We have been working every day with Digby, getting him use to wearing a collar. Right now he wears a harness, and he is still getting use to the leash being attached to his collar, but he has learned to enjoy his walks.

While on walks Digby can still be startled by new noises, objects, and people. He does not like large trucks or cars with loud music. When this happens he can become jumpy and nip at your sleeve looking to you for reassurance.

Digby is just starting to show us his personality. We are discovering he is very puppy like, and he can become jumpy and mouthy when he gets excited. He likes to lick your hands when he is nervous.

Digby does not know many commands but he is getting the idea of training. An approved positive reinforcement training class is a requirement of his adoption. A class will not only help you bond with Digby, but it will help him to learn new things too.

Digby has just started playing with toys. He will chase the toy and sometimes he even brings it right back to you.

Digby will need a securely fenced yard to keep him safe, and allow him room to run around. New sounds can startle Digby and a solid fence (not an electric/invisible fence) will help him feel safe in a new environment. He has a great recall when he is in an enironment he feels secure in.

Digby is crate trained and often goes in to his crate when he is feeling overwhelmed. It will be important for Digby to have a place to call his own. Digby is currently living with 6 other dogs and he plays with most of the dogs in his foster home. If one of the other dogs is chasing a toy he would rather chase the dog that has the toy.

Digby lived with cats in his old home, however he was very obsessed with their every movement. This has been the case with the cats here in his foster home too. He will stare at them as long as they are in his line of sight, and it can be hard to refocus his attention. Digby doesn't try to hurt the cats, but given his obsession with them it would probably be best if he lived in a home without cats.

Digby's vet care before coming into rescue is unknown. He is currently being treated for whipworms and will need to be on Interceptor as his monthly heartworm treatment year round. He will be re-checked in a few weeks to make sure the whipworms are gone. Digby has received his 1yr rabies and has been neutered.

Digby is extremely camera shy- which is why we don't have many pictures of this handsome boy, but if you want to see him in action, check out the video below...

Can you offer Digby a home where he will be given time to adjust and come out of his shell? He is very shy when meeting new people. Once he warms up he loves belly rubs and being brushed. He hops around like a kangaroo when he gets excited.

Digby is being fostered in Connecticut.

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