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Dougal ~ ADOPTED



PREFERRED (see below)

Dougal is a lovely and loving approximately 3-4 year old red and white handsome neutered male Border Collie. He gets along very well with other dogs, and he absolutely adores petting and attention from people.

He will sit himself down in front of you and stare up at you with his big soft eyes until you pet him...if you take too long, he may offer you a paw or even stand up with his paws on you to get your attention. He's certain once you notice him you will want to pet him!

Dougal is medium energy and would love a home that has time to give him all the attention and petting he deserves. He will happily share his home with other dogs but may do best in a cat free home as he is very obsessed with staring that them. He could live with dog savvy cats but would probably be more relaxed without cats in the home. In his foster home he spends a lot of time waiting to catch a glimpse of the kitties, even peering in the windows from outside in hopes of getting a look!


So far Dougal hasn't shown a lot of interest in toys or playing with the other dogs in his current foster home (possibly because the prospect of kitty TV is too enticing!) but we are told that he was having fun playing with other dogs and learning to play with toys previously so he would love to have that chance in his forever family!

He REALLY enjoys spending time with his people and loves to go for walks as well!

A fenced yard is preferred for Dougal, but individual situations will be considered.

Dougal can be a little insecure at times. He was rescued from a shelter where he was dumped for not herding cows, and he had damage consistent with being kicked hard in the face,which required some surgery and he is now missing some teeth. He certainly shows great interest in the ducks (and cats) in his foster home and may actually have herding instinct but we have not had a chance to test him on sheep.

Dougal is being fostered in NY state, about 30 minutes south of Albany.


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