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EZ is a gentle, loving Border Collie/Husky mix with beautiful blue eyes. She is an eight year old that acts a bit older than that and has some stiffness at times. She is a big girl, currently weighing 59 lbs which is a good weight for her.

When she came into rescue, EZ had some skin issues, was underweight, and had considerable hair loss due to a severe infestation of fleas. With medication and a better diet, the fleas are gone, the hair has come back and her skin is much better with only a little itchiness at times. EZ has worn front teeth, but recently has a dental cleaning and some teeth were removed. The rest of her teeth are in good shape

EZ has a happy disposition and demands very little. Her fondest wishes are to have a spot to sleep, lots of love and a good diet (she doesn’t mind at all if a little chicken broth and boiled chicken are included).

She loves to sleep on the couch with her head in someone’s lap. Her foster family loves to hear her contented groans when she is really comfy. She can have “selective hearing” at times, but a treat fixes that problem. She likes to “talk” and is not shy about sharing her thoughts with you, especially around dinner time.

She will wander if left unattended. At her foster home, she has explored every corner of the fairly large fenced area. Given an opportunity, she would love to explore the outside world as well in the true husky spirit.

She does have some mild separation anxiety, but will settle down after a while when left at home. She is resourceful and is has been known to counter surf when the opportunity has presented itself as well as “recycling” items that she has found in the trash.

Walks are a joy for EZ, but in her enthusiasm she does pull some. Her foster family is working on that, but a no-pull harness would be are good idea. She also loves to go for rides as often as possible and will sit quietly and look out the window, interested in what is going on in the world.

If you’re looking for a low energy, easy going dog who loves people and is good with other animals, EZ may be just the dog you’re looking for. She just wants to be loved and will give lots of love in return. EZ is the perfect name for this wonderful, easy going dog.

EZ is being fostered in Maine


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