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Easter Bonnet ~ ADOPTED



Easter Bonnet (Bonnie) remains a true delight. She is going to make a lucky family an awesome new companion and/or sports partner. Although she is not a purebred border collie, she has all the traits of a border collie that we love. She is very smart, easily trainable, very athletic, loves to hang out with her people, and is just beautiful. She has also been simply fantastic with all the dogs she has met - really enjoying racing and playing with dogs of any type. She has been just amazingly gentle with young puppies, as well. We honestly can't say enough good things about this lovely young dog.

She does fancy herself a bit of a lap dog, and if allowed enjoys climbing up on the chair with you for a snuggle, and lying next to you on the bed. She has very good manners and doesn't jump on tables to take food, instead sitting patiently hoping for a reward for her restraint. Nor does she jump up on you in greeting - when she is *very* excited she just bounces around making her funny noises.

Bonnie is looking for a home where she will be allowed to be involved in daily activities, and she would love to have the opportunity for dog play, and doing training for sports would be very good mental stimulation for her, and a lot of fun too - she has just the right combination of keenness and people focus to make a very fun sports partner.

We have included links to some videos of her playing with other dogs, as well as some of her first time learning agility jumps and the agility tunnel.

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5KW0Ohff3LM playing
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gcFjTo-gaO0 playing 2
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HjAfBka5U1o learning jumps
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bHZnCgvBrPA learning jumps 2
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jDsuc6CUs-Y learning tunnel
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gt8-A0y8DTU learning tunnel 2

Easter Bonnet, or "Bonnie" is approximately one year old. We don't know for sure, but those familiar with the breed swear she appears to be a purebred Australian Koolie (also known as a German Coolie)! We do agree that she does look just like the dogs pictured here: www.germancoolies.com/BrMerle.html

Bonnie's not telling so we will never know for sure, but what we do know is that she is perfectly delightful!! She loves people and attention, she is great with other dogs, she has a nice medium energy level and she is very clever!

Bonnie enjoys playing chase and wrestle games with the other dogs in her foster home. She also likes to chase and herd them if they are running quickly (such as when playing fetch.) She has great dog skills and has done well with all the dogs she has met while in her foster home.

Bonnie loves people and seems to greet new people with no problems, men and women alike. We have not had the opportunity to see how she acts with children.

Bonnie has done well with the cats in her foster home although she will chase them if they get the zoomies, so she would need to go to a home with dog savvy cats and continue to have her behavior monitored and or redirected if she were to get carried away.

Bonnie has begun to show some interest in toys - and with some continued encouragement we think she would definitely develop more drive in this area.

She is a unique looking girl and also a big talker - not barking so much as making strange and interesting noises to let you know how she is feeling - especially if you have been away and finally return, or if she is otherwise very excited. She is in the process of being crate trained and while it's still not her favorite place to be, she settles after some initial protestation and is learning to wait for a release word before coming out.

Little Miss Easter Bonnet has a ton of potential and is looking for just the right forever home to help bring it out. We think she would make a fun sports candidate and picked up the tunnel and jumps in just a few moments using some treats - very fun to train!

She is both athletic and clever - after deciding that she doesn't want to be left in the yard if her foster mom is on the outside, she quickly learned to find her way out - a small space that she could crawl through, or a little bit of a leap over the top - no problem for Bonnie! Then she was free to follow foster mom around. Unfortunately she must have gotten in trouble for this type of escaping in her past as she plays a bit of keep away in these situations. In the yard, she is no problem to catch. The easiest solution? Just stay in the yard with Bonnie, don't try and leave her in it along while you are on the outside. :)

If you are interested in having Bonnie jump into your family, send us an email! Look for videos of Bonnie on the NEBCR blog.

Bonnie is being fostered in upstate New York.

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