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We'd like to introduce the marvelous Mr. Echo. Like the Lost character, he's steady and loyal, and much deeper than an initial encounter might suggest.

Much more laid back and low key than most purebred Border Collies, Echo's not a flashy dog who'll instantly demand to be the center of attention. But his quiet, thoughtful ways and utter devotion to his person make him a solid companion.

This 3 year old male is a sweet, affable soul with excellent manners - a perfect gentleman. He's reliably housetrained, doesn't jump on people, knows "sit" well and "lie down" casually, and walks nicely on a leash. Echo's also crate trained. He doesn't counter surf, though he occasionally checks out the garbage can. He responds very well to a quiet "no" in this and all other situations. He likes raw potatoes and carrots that fall on the floor, and watermelon (which he'll steal from a plate on a low table - that doesn't qualify as counter surfing, does it?), but doesn't seem to like apples (at least not Galas).

His former owners have said that he's fine with older kids and likes to swim. He definitely enjoys riding in the car and going for walks. He usually barks at new people (and runs between your legs for security), but then instantly warms up and is quite friendly.

Although he came from a household with 7 other dogs, Echo isn't really a dogs' dog. After an initial adjustment period, he coexists peacefully with the other dogs in his foster home, though he doesn't really interact with them much other than to be "play police." While he could probably adapt to living with another submissive dog or two, he shouldn't be expected to be an interactive companion for another dog who needs a play buddy. He can be a little pushy with other dogs at first and will guard food. He's really much more of a people dog, almost constantly at his foster mom's feet or side, even lying outside the tub when she takes a shower!

What Echo really wants is to be with his person. He bonds very easily and loves nothing more than to snuggle up on the couch getting belly rubs while you're reading or watching TV, or to lie at your feet while you're working at the computer.

But don't let his quiet nature fool you - bring out a ball or Frisbee and Echo's ready to go! He loves all kinds of toys and will happily amuse himself in the house as well. Though generally not destructive, he manages to demolish the cheap tennis-type balls in a matter of seconds, and will swallow the pieces, so real tennis balls are preferred.

Echo is neutered, microchipped and up to date on his shots. He's being fostered in the Southern Tier of upstate New York.

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