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Eli is loving his summer! He's been busy swimming, visiting with new friends and just relaxing in the yard. We have found that Eli likes to swim in lakes and ponds, run around in the water and dive after tennis balls. He is a fetching MACHINE bringing you one toy after another to throw for him. After that he will cool off by laying in the baby pool, the grass, or the mud...whichever is more cool. He has been 'helping' his foster mom in the garden too...did we mention he was mischievous?

The neat thing about Eli is that he magically comes clean if rubbed a little bit with a towel, then brushed later. Back to his gleaming white self! He has been GREAT with all the new dogs and people he's met this summer, even VERY large groups of other dogs off leash.

Eli has a few fears/worries that will need managing. Much like you may not want to share or have someone rub your head while you're eating a candy bar, Eli isn't thrilled with being touched while chewing a chewy. He can be worried in tight/confining spaces like his crate, having his collar held or sometimes the car.

Eli is looking for a laid back human who will endlessly throw a toy for him, laugh when he turns up muddy from digging in the garden and give him space when he needs it. This special person or persons will find joy in being sat on by a big, white fluffy dog, and thoroughly enjoy 'snuffles' on the face (patented by Eli...it's kind of like kissing but without his tongue involved). They will use treats and love to teach him what he still needs to learn and always be patient and understanding. If you're that special family, please fill out an application!

Here is Eli working with his foster mom on some training. He knows both verbal and silent hand commands for several of his tricks!

Demonstrating his fetching obsession:

Swimming and playing in the pond: Eli doesn't need a lifejacket to swim, we just put one on for his safety and confidence.

Eli is back in rescue and we're thrilled to have him back! He's a fantastic houseguest and such a sweet, sweet boy. The city environment was too stressful for him, but now that he's back in the country, he is doing wonderfully! And he's ready to search again for his perfect, forever home.

Eli is a big, bouncy, mischievous 13 month old puppy. He is 46# now and could grow or fill out a bit more as he becomes an adult dog. He has soft, soft white fur and beautiful eyes. His coloring is called red merle. Even though he is uniquely colored, Eli is a purebred border collie with papers.

Eli is a pretty typical, quirky BC. He is always busy and can entertain himself both indoors and out. Very occasionally he chews things he's not supposed to (if unsupervised), but he is a puppy after all, and is learning fast what is appropriate. Eli LOVES being outside and is always on-the-go! He likes to take walks and hike, but must be leashed because he usually wants to go where he wants (seldom is that toward his person!). He likes to fetch in the yard and has an excellent retrieve, bringing it right back to his person. Inside the house he can entertain himself with toys or chewies for awhile, or will bring a toy to his person to interact. He also likes to come up on the couch for a cuddle or to chew a chewy.

Eli currently lives with 2 other border collies. He likes other dogs, enjoys wrestling and playing with his foster siblings and takes a more submissive role in his relationships with dogs he knows. He prefers to walk on non-slippery surfaces, but just needs a few scattered rugs or mats to make him feel more comfortable.

Eli now loves to ride in the car! He can jump in and out all by himself and just lays down, content and calm for even very long car rides. Eli loves to learn and practice his tricks for treats. He can down, sit, wait and touch your hand with his nose. He would love to continue his clicker training, or maybe even try a dog sport. Eli greets new dogs well off-leash, but as is common for many dogs, leash-greetings are stressful and should be minimized.

Eli can be quite busy (he is still a puppy), and generally can entertain himself with toys indoors and out. He also likes to lean/lay on his person on the couch and watch TV/sleep, or lay around and chew a chewy. Eli loves every single person he meets! He rarely barks at anyone and is very friendly. He has no idea that he's a big boy, and needs help learning how to greet people without jumping up. He will not be placed with toddlers, or in a home where small children visit, they are just too scary for him.

Eli is a very sweet and sensitive soul. He enjoys following his foster family around and looking up at them longingly for pets while wagging his tail! He loves to be hugged and cuddled. He needs a home that is patient, understands positive training and who understands the quirks and fears of border collies. Eli is crate trained, but doesn't like being petted when he's inside his crate. He is also afraid of the vacuum.

Eli is looking for a family who has time and energy to play with, exercise and train this busy, bright boy. His ideal home would have a fenced yard, located in a more rural setting and maybe a canine pal. He is fine with cats. This family would have patience, a sense of humor and a good understanding of positive training. He will not be placed in a household with young children, or where children are planned. He may be OK with older kids who are dog savvy. If you think this family sounds like you, please fill out an application and inquire about Eli.

Eli is being fostered in Northwest CT.

You must have an approved application on file to be considered for any adoptable dog.

Please submit your application BEFORE inquiring about a particular dog.


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