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Ella is a beautiful 3 year old tri-colored, rough coated gal who weighs about 45lbs and is the quintessential stereotype of the female Border Collie.

Ella absolutely needs her humans to be competent, consistent & confident benevolent leaders. She is wonderful about looking to you for guidance, but will clearly tune you out (or exploit you) if she senses doubt/uncertainty. She will thrive in an environment where there is structure, yet variety in her play activities. Ella is a very smart & strong-willed lady who truly needs varied activities (but a structured routine!) to keep her challenged & stimulated.

She would also do best in a household with another dog who is playful, confident and tolerant. Ella is an exuberant and bouncy player, who has a leap a mile high and often rolls around like a soccer ball. She has limited interest in fetch, but will gladly do so if the reward is a game of tug.

Ella is part otter, as she LOVES to swim and can motor through water like nobody's business. She also values playtime with other dogs that includes chase and wrestling/bitey-face. She will initiate games of tug with other dogs, which is great when she wants to use a 2" piece of fabric for the game.

She may be fine as an only dog, but would need steady mental stimulation from her humans.

With other dogs, Ella will resource guard. She can be redirected by voice and with treats as a reward, but she eats in a separate room from the other dogs in her foster home. Because of her guarding, Ella will not go to a home with young children.

Ella has a great 'off-switch' in the house but will certainly notify you if something seems out of sorts. From this perspective, she is a good watch dog. She also uses her voice to let you know that you're not moving fast enough! She's somewhat of a demand barker (ie. "I demand that you put that book down and come play with me!").

Ella is great with most people and dogs that she meets. There are some people that frighten her and she will not hesitate to let them / you know. This occasional reactivity must be kept in mind at all times.

Despite her Border Collie quirks, Ella is truly a sweetheart who just wants to be Queen. She adores her people and would love nothing more than to be with you - whether curled up or out and about. With the right family and the right canine companion, Ella will be able to flourish as the happy, bouncy smushball that she is.

Ella is spayed, up to date on her shots, microchipped, current on heartworm & flea / tick preventatives.

She is being fostered in CT.

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