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Emma is a 4 year old purebred, tri-colored border collie. She is a lovely girl that enjoys being with her people and playing ball. Oh, and playing ball, and.... well, playing ball. (Did we mention playing ball?)

If she sounds like a typically ball-obsessed border collie to you, the good news is that Emma has a very nice "off switch" and is content to hang out with her people when the balls are put away.

Emma is actually what we'd consider a medium-energy BC. While she would certainly chase a ball all day if you let her, she is content with a good long walk and a heart-pumping session of fetch each day. She walks well on a leash.

While she gets excited meeting new people and may jump on them a bit, she settles pretty quickly and understands that she needs to sit politely to say hello.

Emma picks up routines quickly. She has a good recall and "stay" and is a very biddable dog overall.

She loves people, and particularly adores her foster dad. All she has to do is hear the sound of his voice and she gets all wiggly and bouncy.

Emma is all about her people, and while she seems to want to play with other dogs, she much prefers having HER people all to herself. It's possible she could happily live with another dog if it's the "right fit", however we believe she would truly be happiest as an only dog.

Emma was reportedly a terribly bad car chaser in her former home. We have not seen this in her foster home, but her foster parents live on a relatively quiet street. Because of her history (and that car chasing is such a dangerous habit) we are requiring a hard fence for her in her new home to ensure she remains safe. (No invisible fences please)

Emma lived with young children and was reportedly good with them. We suspect she'd enjoy having someone that was willing to throw a ball over and over and over....

Emma is listed as "special needs" because she has been diagnosed with chronic colitis. This is currently being well controlled with a special diet, but it is possible that she may have additional flare ups over her life. The special food she is currently on is Purina Double Fiber - which is fairly expensive (here in central NH it retails for $22 for 8 lbs) and can be purchased through many vets.

It is extremely important that Emma's diet be strictly controlled. Her flare ups are very painful for her and require a vet's care to get under control. And while Emma is reliably housetrained overall, she can have accidents during a flare up, because of the excessive diarrhea that results.

We are stipulating children over 7 for Emma, only because of her special dietary needs, as it's very difficult to strictly control a dog's diet with very young children in the home (cookies fall on the ground, and dogs learn quickly how to be the resident dust buster!)

Recognizing that there is definitely an extra cost associated with Emma's diet, her perfect home will need to be willing and able to absorb that extra expense, potentially for her entire life.

For that family, the cost of food will be more than repaid with this sweet, loving, happy girl! Emma is being fostered in southern Maine.

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