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Hi! I'm Eve, and I think you might be looking for me. Really, I think I might be "The One", but you better keep reading to make sure.

You're probably wondering how a cute thing like me ended up in rescue. Well, I was found as a stray, and when no one claimed me at the shelter, NEBCR stepped in to make sure I end up with a family that will help an impressionable young thing like me learn the ways of the world.

So, here's the most important thing you need to know about me: I need LOTS of cuddle time.

I'm still a puppy in a one year old body and have plenty of energy, but I absolutely MUST have my cuddles. And lets be honest, I'm a little shy and might bark or growl at you at first, especially if you try to greet me too quickly, this is my fear and lack of socialization showing. But if you sit down and give me a few treats then I may reward you by crawling into your lap and giving you my belly for rubs. I'm still learning that men are just as good at giving treats and belly rubs as women, but I'm a quick study. My new family must understand that I need to greet strangers at my own pace. Men, teenagers and pushy people can be scary for me, I need time and their patience to warm up to new people.

You also need to know that I'm very athletic. I'm not afraid to leap through the air after a disc, run through a tunnel or hike up a mountain with you. I love my playtimes, but I also love my training times, too. Us BC's need to exercise our mind just as much as our bodies, you know?

I've been working really hard at learning new things, like sits and downs get me treats, and going into my crate when I'm told, and sometimes just keeping my attention on foster mom will get me treats. It's that easy! I sure would love someone teach me more things I could get treats for.

Now you're probably wondering how I am with cats and other dogs. I love cats! Perhaps, if you don't have one you would like to get me one? I would also love another dog to play with, but they would have to be the right "fit" for my puppy personality. You see, I'm a bit bossy with other dogs. I'm a little "in your face," which I guess other dogs don't like very much. Out and about, I may be right for certain play groups of dogs, but on leash greetings are stressful, and I can sometimes get controlling or herdy depending on how the other dog behaves. While I have been much better about my dog greetings lately, I will require some management around new dogs, especially around food. Hopefully I can have a few doggy friends in my new home, but not be expected to meet or get along with new dogs regularly.

Read here for more info about socializing a fearful dog.

However, I've been working really hard at my social skills, and I take my cues from other dogs really well. If they want to play then I want to play, if they don't want anything to do with me then I don't want anything to do with them. However, if they get snappy towards me, then I usually get snappy back and we might have "words." I'm working on this and how to not get jealous of other dogs when they get something that I don't. Sometimes I just feel the need to guard all my food and toys from them. I guess this is called "resource guarding."

Let's see, what else do you need to know? I love car rides and travel great in a crate or harness. I would love a fenced in backyard to run free, but if you are willing to work hard on my recall with me and supervise my outside time I guess I wouldn't really need one. And cuddles. Did I mention cuddles? We can start those whenever you're ready….

A note from Eve's foster family:

Eve's ideal home will be one where she can have a circle of canine and human friends, but not be required to meet new dogs and people on a regular basis. They will have experience with border collies or training/socializing fearful dogs and can commit to continuing Eve's training and socializing. Preference will be given to homes that can commit to training Eve for a sport or job. While she learns quick, it is clear that in her past home she was poorly socialized. She needs a family who will continue socializing her with new people and dogs in a positive way. But don't worry, all the time you spend working with her you will get back ten-fold in cuddles and adoring stares.

See Eve in action below!

Eve is being fostered in Maine.


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